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It is that time of the year in Las Vegas, where the who’s who of electronics show what they are truly made of and what they bring to the table. The Consumer Electronics Show, commonly known as the CES, is one of the most important conventions in the industry as it showcases the leading brands and their new products.

In this regard, there is a company that definitely stands out from the rest. As the winner of the 2023 CES Innovation Award for the SuperBase V, Zendure will be the star of the show. The dual voltage capacity alone makes it a stand out product.

Zendure is a company that has made a big name for themselves due to their success with their home energy systems, and how well-produced they are. One of the key aspects that has defined this power station is the capacity to work for a whole week and keep an entire house running in the process.

Another aspect that has made them stand out is the fact that they decided to go into the route of crowdfunding, which funded some of their projects. This approach hasn’t gone unnoticed in the industry, and it has cemented Zendure’s reputation as a brand that is not afraid of pushing themselves with new projects.

The CES is taking place in early January 2023, and Zendure is all set to take their place. Zendure are going to be representing their company in the Central Hall, booth #19159, from January 5th to 8th.

In terms of what they are going to bring to the table, they are going to be talking about one of their hottest new products, the SuperBase V, which is highly regarded by customers and experts alike, and also there will be interesting news about their upcoming products. You heard it here first.

The SuperBase V power station has been widely praised by critics due to how it can adapt to a lot of different situations, how easy to carry it is, and the sheer amount of energy that it has. Needless to say, it has been generating a lot of glowing reviews by clients. It is a testament to Zendure’s quality as a business and how they “walk the walk” as a brand.

This company already has a huge amount of success winning the 2023 CES Innovation Award thanks to the brilliant SuperBase V energy system. If there was any doubt about the kind of high quality products that Zendure were bringing to the CES, this award was a great example of what they are capable of.

We cannot wait to see them in January to find out more about what they are up to!

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