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  • The 1st TÜV Mark for balcony energy storage system.
  • Compatible with your existing balcony solar system.
  • Store energy during the day, use it at night.
  • Save up to 32% of your annual electricity bill.
  • 10 years warranty.

SuperBase V

  • Expandable for more energy storage.
  • Off-grid independence.
  • Save on energy consumption with time-of-use management through Zendure App.
  • Semisolid state or LiFePO4 battery.
  • loT intelligent voice control.
  • Built-in 240V/230V-120V/115V dual voltage.

ZEN+ Home Smart Energy Management Ecosystem

  • Energy consumption under your command
  • Smart control for uncompromised safety
  • Intelligent optimization: saving energy and your cost

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