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Power Station

Zendure power station is ideal for a variety of situations, including road trips RV camping, outdoor adventures, and more

What is A Portable Power Station?

A Zendure Portable Power Station is a versatile, dependable, and low-maintenance power storage system that provides a variety of charging options including AC, DC, carport, and USB outlets. This allows you to power a wide range of devices, from phones and laptops to refrigerators and heaters. With different sizes and power capacities available, it offers reliable backup power for various scenarios, such as camping trips, RV travels, off-grid living adventures, or during power outages. As a battery-powered inverter generator, it not only powers everyday appliances but also supports more specific needs, making it an excellent power source for a multitude of activities.

Zendure Portable Power Station

Why choose Zendure Portable Power Station?

Developing SuperBase V was going to require a lot of expertise. Over the past two years, our most substantial investment was bringing in highly talented engineers, industrial designers, industry experts, and a robust supply chain.

Semi-solid-state batteries

SuperBase V takes home energy storage to the next level. Its Semi-Solid-State batteries hold 42% more energy than LFP cells, delivering an abundance of energy on-demand in a portable form factor.

zendure power home appliances

Up to 64kWh capacity

A SuperBase V system's capacity is expandable from 6.4kWh up to 64kWh, catering to a broad range of energy storage scenarios including home backup power, camping, RV travel, and outdoor events.

Choose Your Zendure Power Station

SuperBase V4600 Power Station

Plug-and-Play Home Energy Storage System

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SuperBase V4600 Solar Generator

SuperBase V4600 Power Station + 400W Solar Panel

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SuperBase V4600 Power Station

SuperBase V4600 Power Station + B4600 Satellite Battery

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of solar power stations over gasoline generators?

Solar power stations are more compact, lighter, zero emission, eco-friendly, smog-free, cost effective, low maintenance, support flexible charging from AC/car/solar power, and quiet.

How long will a Zendure power station battery last?

In our portable power stations, we now use lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4 batteries). The high-quality LiFePO4 battery can reach 3000 charge and discharge cycles. Furthermore, LiFePO4 batteries are well-known for their high safety standards, as they rarely explode or catch fire.

Can I charge Zendure portable power station while using it?

Sure. However, charging and discharging the battery at the same time is not recommended in order to protect the battery's cycle life.

Can a Zendure power station power a house?

Yes, our SuperBase V is suitable for home backup. For example, the SuperBase V ensures that anything you plug in will run to its full functionality and capacity in terms of both wattage and battery capacity. V4600 supports the use of an external expansion battery pack that can be expanded to a maximum of 64K watt-hours of battery capacity.