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Crowdfunding campaigns are a growing trend in the world of digital business. We are seeing it grow, expand, and develop in many industries, so it was only a matter of time before we saw it unfold before our eyes with home energy systems. In that regard, it is very interesting that it is Zendure who are the ones leading through example in this area.

Crowdfunding a project on Kickstarter shows if there is a demand for a product or not and it can be a great learning experience for all involved. That’s why the success of the Kickstarter campaign for the Zendure SuperBase V should be celebrated. It has many positive ramifications for the industry and society as a whole.

The SuperBase V, the new home energy system from Zendure, has raised a grand total of over five million dollars from its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. If we consider elements such as its quality, how practical it is and how it can adapt to a wide variety of circumstances and challenges, it is safe to say that the money raised and the demand it has are warranted.

We are already seeing the results from reviews by critics and experts in the field. When it comes to this case, we celebrate Zendure SuperBase V’s output, the high amount of power that it has, the very decent pricing that it has and how it can be so practical in terms of portability, thus making for a very interesting product that deserves a lot of credit.

The dual voltage and smart app control are features that have gained a lot of praise, and one that you should consider if you want to back it in the Kickstarter campaign. It makes the prospect of running the power station a lot simpler and it can also add a degree of flexibility to your regular use of the product.

It is also worth pointing out how easily can it be carried. A lot of power stations in the market tend to be extremely heavy and impossible to carry, which makes them a lot less practical to use in events such as road trips, blackouts, emergencies or when you go camping. Well, this is not an issue with the Zendure SuperBase V as it can be easily carried and used thanks to its extending handle.

It doesn’t take very long to charge, which is another benefit that shouldn’t be forgotten. A common issue with most power stations is the fact that they run out of power very quickly and then they take long periods of time to charge, but the great thing about the SuperBase V is that it can run for impressive periods of time and can be charged rather quickly. This is a basic yet often unfulfilled requirement. Not with the Zendure SuperBase V. When considering the sheer amount of power, a lot of power stations simply do not live up to their name, but the SuperBase V is not one of them.

The SuperBase V has a bunch of energy and power, which makes it by far one of the best products in the industry by that fact alone. Why is that? Because it can keep your entire home running for a whole week and it can be used for your car as well, thus making for a much more complete and practical experience. As we mentioned earlier, it doesn’t matter what a power station does if it doesn’t have endurance and durability, but this is a trait that the SuperBase V has in spades, which is worth taking into account.

The fact that it can be charged through solar panels is also worth taking into account in terms of being practical. If you are on a road trip or camping, this is a feature that it can help you as it makes the process of charging the power station a lot easier. If you are mobile, or you want to be, your energy systems and energy sources should be too.


In fact, the many options you have to charge the SuperBase V makes it a much more compelling product, because this can be a huge difference-maker when you are out in the wilderness and need power. Plus, this makes the SuperBase V very eco-friendly, which is a nice touch, and it can be very important for a lot of people that care deeply about the environment. It also makes the possibility of adapting to the outdoors a lot easier and beneficial for you, whether it’s by choice or necessity.

The vast amount of outlets that it has also makes it a very competitive power station in the market. Having a lot of outlets makes it easier for you to use and charge a ton of electronic devices, thus making your experience with the SuperBase V a lot more useful and enjoyable. A lot of brands tend to be more restrictive in this regard, but again Zendure have stood out in the market.

The Kickstarter campaign for the SuperBase V was a blistering success. Zendure are very grateful for the outpouring of interest and support. This is one of the most exciting projects in the industry right now, and the fact that it has gone through crowdfunding only makes things a lot more interesting. It has shown that there is a market for this type of approach, and it has shown that this is a product that is creating a lot of demand.

Definitely one to watch out for.

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