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Black Friday is upon us and it always provides us with the opportunity to grab something we need at a price we like. To help you with this, Zendure has a special discount code for you: 1055WBR5. This can be used on both Amazon and It brings the SuperBase Pro 2000 down to $1,529 and the Zendure SuperBase Pro 1500 down to $1,439. Order here to reserve this price now.

Zendure have quickly become a market leader. In terms of both the products offered and customer satisfaction. The quality of their products and dedication with which they do things is something that has already made a big impact, which is why there is so much interest in Zendure’s energy systems.

For those that are not familiar, Zendure work in the preparation for disasters industry and the Zendure SuperBase series are energy systems that charge all of your electric devices (I’m talking… your house… your car… your RV, and almost anything you can imagine) where the traditional means of energy are not at your disposal. But what makes them so useful? Why should you seize this Black Friday offer? Let’s find out.

Running your home independently

One of the hardest things in this industry is reliability and it is arguably the most important for a lot of different reasons. In that regard, one of the key features of the Zendure SuperBase V is the reliability and this is something that is shown through how it runs your home.

Unlike the vast majority of power stations in the entire market, the Zendure SuperBase V can run your entire home independently for a whole week, which is a lot of power and a lot of help, especially if you are living in a place where you have lots of electricity blackouts, unexpected natural events, or you just would like to “get off the grid”.

Having this sheer amount of power is a major bonus when making this purchase, so keep this in mind, as it can have a big positive impact for you.

The use of solar panels

Let’s say that you don’t need to use the Zendure SuperBase V power station at home. Let’s say that you want to go on a road trip or go camping, and you need a power station to keep using your electric devices, but charging is a problem.

Well, this is another reason why you should take advantage of this offer as the Zendure energy systems can be recharged through the use of solar panels.

This can be useful and practical at the same time as you can be walking around in daylight and the power station is going to be charging itself, thus making things easier for you in that regard, and keep you from having it running empty when you need to use it the most.

It is a nice benefit that you should keep in mind when using it.

Also useful for your car and your RV

We have already mentioned the fact that Zendure SuperBase V energy systems have a ton of power and that this can be very helpful to run your entire home, but is also worth pointing out that it has a lot of uses and benefits for your car and/or RV as well.

See, this is another key difference with other products: Zendure SuperBase V energy systems have enough energy to charge your car for long periods of time, which can be quite beneficial if you enjoy using electric vehicles.

Don’t sleep on this feature as it can be quite useful for you in the short, medium and long term, and it can also make your life a lot easier on many different levels. It gives you immediate energy security and also mobility. It also gives you long term reassurance, and options in, what many would call, a time of energy uncertainty. We often think of housing, shelter and food as basic needs, and all of these require energy. Zendure gives you energy control and energy independence.

Multiple outlets

Another issue that is fairly common when it comes to analyzing power stations from multiple brands in the industry is that you start to realize most of them are not practical. And if they are not practical, issues like the outlets can be a problem, but this is not the case with the Zendure SuperBase V energy systems.

This power station has a high amount of outlets of both 120V and 240V, thus making a lot easier to charge a wide variety of devices, especially when you are camping or on a road trip. It also has USB-A and USB-C chargers.

This makes the Zendure SuperBase V series very practical and useful for a wide variety of users, an often overlooked feature that needs to be taken into account.

Voice control with Google Home and Alexa compatibility

This is almost the industry standard, so for certain you can expect this from Zendure however it is still worth pointing out as it can have a lot of interesting benefits.

If you are the kind of person who is always busy and is constantly doing a lot of things, running the Zendure SuperBase V energy systems through voice control is something that can prove to be quite useful for you in the day to day and make your life easier.

Voice control is becoming more and more common in the market nowadays, so it was inevitable that we were going to see it in the world of power stations, and you can use that to your advantage.


Considering that this is Black Friday and there are always lots of interesting offers out there, we can provide a strong argument that there are a lot of valid reasons to purchase a Zendure SuperBase energy system.

It is practical, it is well made, it is intuitive, it has a lot of tools to your advantage and it can adapt to a lot of different situations, making it one of the finest power stations in the entire market right now. Definitely one for you.

Why not check out the SuperBase Pro 2000 now down to $1,529 with discount code1055WBR5 or the SuperBase Pro 1500 now down to $1,439 with discount code1055WBR5.

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