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Zendure made huge waves at the recent Natural Disasters Expo in Anaheim.

The event took place in The Anaheim Convention Center, California. It was free-to-attend and it represented another step in the right direction for a lot of different brands, companies and professionals as a whole to promote a lot of new technologies, trends and innovations that are bound to provide something different and foster improvement in the preparation for disasters. There were also spaces to generate more cultural awareness about the potential risks that may cause disasters and how to react in said situations. As ever, Zendure was there to provide real solutions for very real situations.

The preparation for disasters is a trend that has grown stronger in recent years. Nowadays there are more and more professionals that are interested in developing proper protection for a lot of potential scenarios in their homes, in their work places or in any other area that might be important for them for one reason or another. That is why this market is growing and why events like the Natural Disasters Expo in Anaheim are so important. Zendure’s products, as expected caused a bit of a fuss! Tech reporter Rich DeMuro from KTLA5 was in attendance and was very impressed by Zendure's innovative products, especially the remote control feature of Zendure SuperBase V.

There were a lot of companies that were eager to show their new product offerings in the market and to see their target audience’s reactions to it. In that regard, it was a complete success. There was a huge buzz around the place, especially around Zendure products, particularly the Zendure SuperBase Pro and the Zendure SuperBase V. There were many people on-site looking for back up power systems who were impressed with Zendure’s innovative products that met their needs and beyond. The interest ranged from off-grid enthusiasts to fire departments and hospitals.

Zendure is one of the fastest-growing companies in the preparation for disasters market and they are making big statements due to their success in offering high spec products that drive innovation forward in this area. Part of that success is due to the resolve of Bryan Liu, CEO and founder of Zendure, who grew up in a place with no electricity for the first eight years of his life in rural China. Suddenly checking for snakes under the bed, reading, studying, receiving information or perspectives from around the globe was easier. This definitely played a big role in his mentality when it came to these products. Power is . . power.

Now, many years later, he and his company took their place at the Natural Disasters Expo in Anaheim and they presented two of their latest products: the Zendure SuperBase Pro and the Zendure SuperBase V. These products set a high bar in terms of quality and practical use. It was clear to see with the guests reactions.

The reason for this is that Zendure has always put quality above all else and the proof is in the pudding: their products are some of the most complete and best-structured in the market, which is why when the high expectations surrounding the Zendure SuperBase Pro and the Zendure SuperBase V are met, people pay attention. They are very promising pieces of equipment that could be very useful for a wide variety of people and consumers as a whole.

The Zendure SuperBase Pro had a major impact in the Natural Disasters Expo in Anaheim due to the fact that it has a lot of quality features and resources for people that want to go camping, and makes for a much more complete experience, allowing for better results. This is important and worth taking into account as it has a wide variety of high spec features that consumers actually asked for. This is what is creating the buzz.

An overlooked feature is the extendable carry handle. It is one of the best in the entire business as it allows the user to carry gear a lot more easily and this is something that makes the Zendure SuperBase Pro stand out from the rest of the competition. It is a practical product. Thought out and well designed. It is also very mobile and intuitive to set up, which is a joy for a lot of people, especially when it comes to going camping or when you have to do a lot of things at the same time and you have to carry this with you, so this is a great point in Zendure’s favor with this new product.

It is definitely one of the strongest products in the market right now, at least based on what users have reported, and the Natural Disaster Expo in Anaheim was no different. On the other hand, we also have the case of the Zendure SuperBase V. While the Zendure SuperBase Pro is mainly focused for camping purposes, the Zendure SuperBase V is a lot more focused on home power and helping in that area, which is why it had a larger appeal at the Natural Disaster Expo in Anaheim due to the nature of having a lot more potential clients that are in need of products of this type. It is also very ambitious. It delivers. Enough said.

Regardless, it is still worth pointing out some of the strong points that made a big impact in the expo. A great example is it’s dual voltage capacity. Supporting both 120v and 240v is not the norm. Thanks to Zendure, and with the help of such events, it will be. The smart app control is was also a welcome feature, as is the capacity of charging a vehicle for up to 20 miles in 1.6 hours, which is an impressive record for any product in this field. It can store energy, power your home, and pretty much everything else. This is appreciated by technical experts and first time users alike. It is also worth saying that the Zendure SuperBase V has motorized wheels, which makes it easier to carry than a lot of the competition out there and this is something that was quite influential in the expo.

An interesting fact is, the Zendure SuperBase V coming out to the market was the direct result of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, which goes to show the viability of this product and how there is a target audience for it out there. It is also worth pointing out how brave the people at Zendure were for trying out something different and ambitious in the business and actually reaching out to a lot of people through crowdfunding in order to get this product out there, thus setting a different tone in the market.

Overall, there is much to like about Zendure when considering their role in the industry so far, their impressive products, and how they deliver at events like the Natural Disasters Expo in Anaheim.

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