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More and more people are choosing power stations for portable and off-grid energy. Unlike a gas-powered generator, power stations are relatively quiet, safe to use indoors, easy to maintain, and can be re-energized with a variety of electrical energy sources, including solar panels, wind turbines, and the grid itself.

So if you need portable or off-grid energy, a power station is probably your best choice. But that still begs the question: do you need one? Here are the top five situations where you’ll really wish you already had one.

Emergency Backup Power at Home or Work

Power outages are a universal headache, and at times they can even be dangerous. Last year, many in Texas were left without power for several days during a severe winter storm that knocked out several different types of power plants and distribution systems, all at once, leaving many people suffering in homes that were too cold for comfort and safety, but not quite cold enough to keep the food in the fridge from spoiling.

Your home emergency plan needs to include a backup power solution so you can keep essentials running, like your refrigerator, heater, and cooking appliances, even in the worst possible scenario.

SuperBase Pro from Zendure is an ideal solution. With its built-in wheels and extending handle, SuperBase Pro can easily be rolled to wherever you need it. And with up to 4000W of surge power available in short bursts, it can even run major appliances that have an especially high starting current.

In the office, even a brief power outage can result in lost computer data and can reset servers or security systems, requiring the user to physically act to restore functionality. SuperBase Pro has offline UPS (uninterruptible power supply) capability. When a blackout occurs, SuperBase Pro can switch to battery power in just a few milliseconds, which means many sensitive devices won’t even notice that the grid went down.

Your Next DIY Project

Sometimes you have to sand, drill, or saw something, and you’ve got to take your project outside. The default solution to powering tools outdoors is usually an extension cord. But if the cord isn’t lying neatly along the ground, it can pose a significant trip hazard, which is the last thing you want when working around power tools. Plus, many people are not aware that the extension cord they’re using may not be rated for the amount of current that their tools are using. This can lead to damage, injury, or a fire.

And if you’re like me and you don’t even have outlets on the outside of your home, you have to run the extension cord through a slightly-open door. My cats love it when I let bugs fly into the house, but I don’t.

A power station like SuperBase Pro can bring the outlets to wherever you need them. Its nominal power output is 2,000W, but with patented AmpUp technology, the voltage can be increased to safely operate 3,000W devices. That’s plenty of power for most household projects… and unfortunately, fewer excuses not to get them done.

A Weekend Getaway

When the weather is nice and you need to shake off the cobwebs, you can practically hear nature itself calling out to you. Time to pack the car and head to the great outdoors. But just because you’re communing with nature, that doesn’t mean you have to “rough it”. Phones, cameras, drones, cookware, and heaters are, for many of us, still totally valid parts of the camping experience.

You’re going to need some way to charge and power all of those devices. SuperBase Pro from Zendure has 14 output ports, including six AC outlets (4 in the EU version), four USB-C ports, and more. And if your camping adventure was a last-minute idea, you’ll love the fact that you can charge SuperBase Pro to 80% in just one hour at 1,800W. And a full charge takes just two hours. Finally, a power station that can vibe to your spontaneity!

And when it’s time to close your eyes, you can activate Sleep Mode for quiet operation all through the night. The crickets, the frogs, the crackling fire. Hear it all, with no distractions.

Party Central

Outdoor parties at the beach, the park, or in your own back yard have always been a blast. And with social distancing still in practice in many places, hanging out al fresco has become even more popular. Someone brings the ice, someone brings the drinks, someone brings the food… Now, who’s bringing the power for the music system, the lights, and the blender?

SuperBase Pro is super easy to wheel out to the epicenter of your party. No extension cord, no noisy gas-guzzling gizmos. With 2,096Wh of energy storage, the party can last as long as you and your friends can keep it going. And it’s got a built-in RGB light to set the mood.

Living Off the Grid

Maybe you’ve been considering downsizing or mobilizing. Maybe you’ve already made the switch. And whether for you that means going out and seeing more of the world, or getting away and seeing less of it, in a van, RV, cabin, or tiny home, you need reliable power. SuperBase Pro from Zendure has enough output power and energy capacity to run the essentials, and it can be charged from a solar array at up to 1,800W, quickly soaking up those rays as soon as they’re available. Or if you prefer to head into town to juice up, you can get the EV adapter accessory, which can quickly recharge SuperBase Pro from a Type 1 electric vehicle charger.

Sometimes when you’re off the grid, keeping your items secure can be a challenge. SuperBase Pro has anti-theft tracking built in, thanks to its internal GPS and 4G IoT hardware. You get a year of 4G service with SuperBase Pro, to remotely track your power station from just about anywhere and monitor its status through the companion app. It’s a nice power station to own, but it’s the wrong one to steal.


There are plenty of reasons to get a power station, and the list of choices is growing by the day. Sometimes the specs are a little daunting to look at back to back. So here’s the rundown: SuperBase Pro is fast, powerful, reliable, automatic, easy to move, quiet, trackable, and fun. We designed it not just to work in these scenarios I listed up above. That’s not hard to do. We built SuperBase Pro to enhance these experiences for you. It was designed with people in mind. And at the risk of sounding immodest, I think we kind of nailed it.

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