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You get home after work. Straight away, you jump on your couch. You turn on your Nintendo Switch. Fantastic, right? Until you get that notification about your Nintendo being out of battery. No worries. You have your phone. You'll play some music on your wireless earbuds. Oh wait, you left them on last night, and they are out of battery. And that phone of yours? It only has 15% left after a day of sitting in your pocket. 

You decide to sprint upstairs as if it was a life-and-death situation. You grab the first charger you see. Actually no, you need three, so you grab the first three. You sprint down. You realize you took your old iPhone charger that won't charge your phone at a quicker pace. You sprint back up. By that time, your phone is already dead.

This is not a theory. This is the reality. But it doesn't have to be that way. The brand new X6 which is the most versatile USB-C PD power bank ever solves this issue. And many other issues too.

Stop Worrying About How Many Devices You Have to Charge

X6 comes with five outputs. And yes, it's the only USB-C PD power bank with five outputs.

Zendure X6

From now on, you won't have to bring several chargers with you downstairs to your charge your devices. No more overthinking over which device you should plug in nearest to you because you only have two sockets beside you. You can charge your earbuds, phone, Nintendo Switch, and two phones of your friend at the same time. All from just one power bank. 

Charge Your Devices Quicker Than Ever

Being able to charge five devices is great. But we want speed. Having five items connected to one power bank isn't great unless your cables are 5 meters long. 

Being able to charge your device at the fastest speed possible is important, and X6 does just that, or sometimes even better.

It comes with 45W PD output. That means that your devices get charged at the same pace as your native charger would provide, or sometimes even faster. That's a big difference between many other power banks, most charge much slower than chargers.

We Didn't Forget About Charging the Power Bank Quicker Than Ever Either

Five devices, that takes up a lot of power. If you charge all your devices from 0% to 100%, you will need to charge your power bank in no time, since it does charge quick.

That's why we didn't forget about fast charging for the X6.

How it used to look: You connect your power bank to recharge at night. It takes most of the night to charge. You wake up. And it still might not be charged.

With X6, you only need 3 hours to fully recharge your power bank. This is thanks to the 45W PD charger. It's the fastest in the industry.

And you can even charge your device while charging power bank thanks to UPS mode with Pass-Through Charging. What does that mean? It means that the X6 switches between pass-through and battery mode when you are charging without any interruptions.

Know Exactly How Much Battery You Have Left

Zendure X6

We know that it's one of the worst feelings when your power bank shows that you have one light left out of four lights. What does that mean? Does that mean that you have 25% left? Or does it mean that you have 5% left? When you have a device with 20,000 mAh, that 20% difference is the difference between your phone being fully charged or not. 

We provide an LED display with your power bank so that you always know how much power is left and so that you can never get disappointed.

Keep Your Smaller Devices Safe

Zendure X6

We know that those little devices you have don't like too much power. We want to provide you with as much power as possible, so your big devices get charged quick, but we also know that smaller devices don't like that much power. 

That's why we have X-Charge™. We are the only device on the market that can charge an almost unlimited range of low-power devices, whether that is your smartwatch or Bluetooth earphones.


We don't want your pants to go on fire. We mean it.

We provide Tesla-grade battery management system that monitors battery cells temperatures and protects battery cells from overcharging and from an overdischarging. Our modules come with the latest USB Type-C and PD standards.

A Powerbank With Modern Tech

We moved the industry forward with Zendure X6. Devices have been getting better. Power banks weren't. 

Zendure X6 will start shipping in April, and you can support the Indiegogo campaign to get a discount.

Written by Michael Smolski.


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