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If you have an Apple MacBook or any other laptop with only USB-C ports, you may be looking for a perfect USB-C hub to extend other missing ports that you need. A proper USB-C hub should satisfy your basic needs for different types of ports, and affordable as well. Here is a buying guide to USB-C hubs and top 5 USB-C hubs in 2018 are picked for your reference.

What ports should you look for in a USB-C hub?

Traditional laptops are usually equipped with all kinds of ports you might need including Standard USB-A port, HDMI, Display, microphone jack, Ethernet and SD card port. However, with the Type-C port coming into our life, more and more electronics are giving up most of those ports to embrace a slimmer and lighter body thanks to the versatility of Type-C technology to enable both charging and transferring. While, a Type-C port is still something new, there are still some people that need other ports. But you don’t need to throw hundreds of money on a hub equipped with all ports; because there are some ports you don’t even use in your lifetime.

Generally, we need USB-A ports to connect our mouse and transfer data from our Android smartphones. If you are regularly transfer photos to your laptop from camera, then you need a SD card slot on your hub. A HDMI port is needed if you want to stream video from your laptop to a HD TV. A ports like Ethernet you might never use if you only rely on WIFI.

So before diving into the market, it will be helpful if you know clearly about your demands. Not only it helps you to find a right hub in a minute but also save some money (hubs with more ports are more expensive).

Powered or Non-Powered Hub?

Generally, there are two types of hubs in the market — Powered hubs and non-powered hubs. Powered hubs draws power from a power outlet which can supply a more stable power for all its ports and is able to handle heavy-duty PC components such as hard drives, scanners and prints. However, as a powered hub has more functions than non-powered hub, it usually costs more. Non-powered hubs are usually much cheaper. They draw power from the laptop or other devices it plugs in. But unlike its powered counterpart, it is ineffective to work with heavy-duty PC components. Most of people recommend powered hub for a better performance, but if you have no need for running heavy-duty accessories, non-powered hubs still work well with your laptop.

Top 5 USB-C Hubs you can buy in 2018

Zendure New X6 Power Bank with USB Hub Mode

Zendure X6 was designed as a durable USB-C power bank with 5 ports. In accordance with needs from users, it is creatively modified as a versatile power bank with Hub mode. It is not only able to fast charge your laptop, smartphone, and other latest devices, but also can sync and manage your files with 2 USB-A ports by pressing and holding the button to switch it into the HUB mode which will display a “H” icon in the Digital LED Display. X6 was successfully crowd-funded on Indiegogo, and you can even get a discount to buy one by supporting it in the campaign. To see more X6 functions, you can read How X6 Charges Your Devices Quicker Than ever on the Zendure Blog.

Other Options

  1. Satechi Hub

Satechi Aluminum multi-port adapter V2 offers a good port selection which offers three USB 3.0 ports, Ethernet, HDMI, and both MicroSD and SD card slots, along with a USB-C port for passing through power. But if you are not in need for so many ports, this might not be the must-have hub which costs around $80.

  1. Hootoo USB-C Hub

This is a cheaper option which costs about $50 on Amazon. Without the Ethernet port, this hub still serves well in offering 3 USB 3.0 jacks, HDMI and full-sized SD card slot. It meets your basic needs for different ports but costs only half the price of the Satechi hub.

  1. Aukey USB-C Hub

Aukey 8-in-1 USB-C hub provides very good ports selections and it comes with a compact & portable design. $64.99 on Amazon is affordable; while the only drawback is that the SD card and microSD card can’t be used at the same time.

  1. Anker USB-C Mini-Dock

It comes with a metal case withstanding daily wear and tear. Packing with 2 USB 3.0 Ports, 1 HDMI, 1 USB-C, 1 SD Card, 1 Ethernet port, it perfectly satisfies your needs. If you can accept the price tag of $75.99, it would be a good choice.



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