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With the major tech giants manufacturing far-field wireless charging gadgets, we wish to unravel the rising era of the high-end wireless charging technology and gadgets in the modern times. In the given era of smartphones, wireless charging is safe and considered as the most useful technology allowing the smartphone users to charge their devices anytime & anywhere. In addition to smartphones, the wireless charging gadgets can also be utilized for charging a myriad of other appliances and devices at the same time. Wireless charging can be easily used at home, workplace, or even while traveling. The technology basically works by eliminating the use of wires and providing ultimate convenience to the end users.

wireless charger

How Wireless Chargers Work

Powering the wireless charging technology are the high-end wireless chargers that are highly portable and can be utilized as & when required by the users. The wireless chargers are known to run by making use of the electromagnetic power –creating a bond between the device & the charger. Electromagnetic power is used between two objects across the electromagnetic field. The transformation that occurs between the two objects through the electric current inducing a magnetic field. By making use of the concept of wireless charging, smartphones and other devices can be easily charged with the help of a reliable wireless charger. For optimum results, the users can look forward to making use of the revolutionary range of wireless chargers by Zendure –offering many features and ultimate ease of use.

wireless charger

How Good is Wireless Charging Today?

Through induction, we have access to wireless charging today. Typically used for charging smartphones and small electronic devices, the induction technology being used in the wireless chargers requires establishing contact with the charging surface.

It is not the first time that tech giants and other technology device manufacturers have attempted powering the smartphones & tablets with the help of the near-field energy transfers. In fact, the revolution of wireless charging started back in the year 2009 with the introduction of the Palm Pre. The modern high-end smartphone range including Apple iPhone X & 8 are already making use of the innovative wireless charging technology –just like other brands including Samsung Galaxy Note 8 & 9, Blackberry Priv, and others with similar standards did before. Indeed, the major problem is that no wireless charger that been introduced before were able to meet grand commercial success. However, this scenario is looking forward to experiencing a significant revolution with the advent (re-emergence) of the Qi standard.

Even after numerous scope for the breakthrough of the modern wireless technology, there are solid chances of the mainstream success –particularly given the fact that Apple has stated its massive support to the latest Qi standard.

wireless charger

A World Without Wires – The Future of Wireless Charging

Whether it is smartphones or laptops, rapid tech innovations keep making life easier and faster. Fortunately, the world is getting more wireless day by day with the advent of the revolutionary wireless chargers. A plethora of companies and tech manufacturers including Zendure are launching the innovative range of high-end, feature-rich wireless chargers that enhance the overall user experience.

Given the current trend of modernization, the future of wireless charging is quite obvious –a world without wires. The ability to charge devices over distances has always been quite around the corner. It is only lately that the breakthrough technology of wireless technology is gaining impetus with the help of the modern, innovative range of wireless chargers and devices launched by tech manufacturers every now & then. Featuring the best-in-class wireless charging technology –right from Q4 Wireless Bundle to Q3 Wireless Chargers, Zendure aims at bringing into effect the future of wireless charging through its devices.

Ensuring maximum charging speed along with a compact, portable size, the attractive range of wireless chargers By Zendure offer the ease and protection of charging devices with ultimate peace of mind. For more information, check out our wireless charger products.

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