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There has been a tremendous shift, globally, away from fossil fuel toward renewable energy sources. We’re seeing more electric cars on the roads and more wind turbines on the hills.

Some of these changes are due in part to new public policies. In 2020, the Governor of California announced an executive order to phase out sales of new gas-fueled cars by 2035. And as early as 2028, the state hopes to eliminate sales of gas-powered generators under 25 horsepower (18kW).

The primary motivation for these policies is to reduce our negative impact on the planet by lowering emissions. Other factors are at play as well, like ensuring an independent energy system that is sustainable, and stimulating innovation and creating jobs in a variety of related industries.

But even if we put all of those factors aside, there are several reasons that more consumers are choosing rechargeable power stations over traditional gas generators these days.

Sustainable Energy

Gas generators need, of course, fuel in order to run. This is a sustainability issue on two different scales. First is the global supply and distribution of oil. Oil prices fluctuate all the time because it is a limited resource. For the long-term benefit of the planet and society, we need to focus on renewable energy sources like solar and wind power.

The other sustainability sting of requiring fuel is that you can’t simply make more when your supply runs low. You have to get it from somewhere else. Which means that at any given time, there’s a limit to how much energy your generator will be able to produce, depending on the amount of fuel you have on hand.

Power stations are rechargeable. You can hook a power station up to the grid, when available, to top off the energy. Or you can connect it to a solar panel for truly sustainable energy. Zendure’s SuperBase Pro power station can be charged by solar and grid power at the same time, for superfast charging. Plus, the power station keeps track of your green energy use and displays this through a feature called “ZenForest”, where your virtual space flourishes and real trees are planted in your name.

Clean and Quiet Operation

You can always tell when you’re near a gas-powered generator. They’re loud and tend to put off fumes that are not only unpleasant to smell but harmful to the environment and possibly even your health. It’s hard to sleep near one due to the noise, and you can’t use that generator indoors because it could potentially expose you to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

A power station is much quieter, and in some cases virtually silent. SuperBase Pro from Zendure even has a low-noise mode, limiting the fan speed for happy campers. SuperBase Pro can also be used indoors or in a tent, as it does not produce carbon monoxide.

Ease of Use and and a Low-Maintenance Relationship

A generator can be difficult to start up, requiring a great deal of physical effort to turn the motor. And sometimes even if you’ve got the strength and the technique, you can have trouble starting it because of a mechanical issue. It can take time and expertise to determine if the generator needs service or just an oil change (not that oil changes are fun). It almost always leads to added cost.

Compare this to a power station like SuperBase Pro, which is ready to go at the push of a button. And with very few moving parts, there’s little to do in the way of maintenance or service. This means less downtime and a lower cost of use.

SuperBase Pro is even smart enough to switch over to battery power if there’s a power outage. Its offline UPS functionality is so fast, most devices won’t even know there was a blackout and will just continue running smoothly. You can have up to 14 devices connected to SuperBase Pro, all taking advantage of the offline UPS.


Gas generators are heavy and bulky, due largely to the aforementioned moving parts A power station often has more energy capacity for its size and weight than a comparable generator. And SuperBase Pro has an extending handle and built-in wheels, so it’s easy to move around.


Green energy is on the rise, and that’s good for the planet and for consumers. If you need safe, easy, and convenient power on the go, consider SuperBase Pro from Zendure.

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