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A good piece of tech is interesting and has a purpose, ultimately making your life easier. Here at Zendure, we rounded up some of our favorite affordable gadgets that make our lives easier everyday.

We are positive this handy tech under $100 will make your life better in 2018.

A Portable Hard Drive

The first iPhone was released by Apple in 2007 with two storage options, 4GB and 8GB. Today, you can get up to 256GB of storage on your iPhone, plus iCloud storage too. Laptops generally can store between 500GB and 1TB of storage, sometime up to over 2TB. The amount of personal data we want to save keeps growing and growing.

But what do we do when that is not enough?

A portable hard drive is perfect for storing and backing up all your data that is important to you. Not only will you clear room for more storage on your devices, all your pictures, videos and files will be safely backed up on the hard drive.

Today, portable hard drives have become very affordable for a lot of storage. And the best part? They are truly portable so you can take it whenever you need!

The WD provides My Passport hard drives at just under $80 for 2TB. This piece of handy tech under $100 will make your life easier in 2018.

There's plenty of different hard drives options. Some allow for SD-cards to be put into them, which is a great option for cameras. There are also drives that allow you to upload files straight to the cloud. It's easier to access content from cloud storage on the go with your phone.

Regardless of what kind of hard drive you choose, having one will make storing all the data that is dear to you very easy.

A Portable Charger

How many times have you felt the need to get home as fast as possible because your phone is dead and you are expecting an important call? Maybe you had to stop into random restaurants and find an outlet to charge your device in a time crunch.

What about when you travel? Sitting awkwardly on the floor next to the only open outlet at the airport is never fun. Neither is having your tablet die in the first hour of a seven hour flight.

A portable charger can solve all these problems and indefinitely make your life easier. Having a portable charger on hand means no more stressing about your battery dropping below 20%.

Zendure portable chargers allow you to do whatever you want, when you want. Our A8 QC Power Bank comes with enough power to charge your phone over seven times with 26,800 mAh capacity.

It's incredibly quick with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, and there's even an LED display so that you know exactly how much battery you have left. With four outputs provided on this power bank, you can charge several devices at once.

Who only has one device to charge after all? This handy piece of tech is under $100 and is sure to make your life easier.

A Passport Global Travel Adapter

When traveling out of the country, it is best to find out which travel adapters you will need. You buy a few in case one blows a fuse and so you can charge all your devices at once. But you are also traveling to another country with different outlets. So, you buy a few of that type.

Next thing you know, you have a whole bag of travel adapters you have to carry around.

The Passport Global Travel Adapter supports all major socket types in just one device, has an auto-resetting fuse, and comes with 4 USB ports. At the end of the day, that's what you need the most, USB ports. Most devices you own can be charged with a USB cable.

If you are planning to travel internationally, it’s time to get a Passport World Travel Adapter. It's a crucial piece of handy tech under $100 will make your life better.

Handy Tech Under $100 in 2018

With countless pieces of tech available, it’s hard to know what you really need. To make your life easier in 2018, these are three tech gadgets you need. After all, you need a portable hard drive, a portable charger and a travel adapter to support your other devices!

Written by Michael Smolski.    

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