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Posted by Bryan Liu

With the debut of three new iPhones on Sep. 12, people are wondering whether they have headphone jack, or if an adapter dongle comes with the new iPhone XS. It is unsurprising that three of the new models this year do not have headphone jack. Since Apple announced its Airpods, it started to remove its 3.5mm headphone port, and instead, it included a lightning dongle in its box.

Users Need to Spend Another $9 on a Lightning Dongle

To help consumers smoothly transfer to this new change, Apple provided a free lightning dongle in the box since the iPhone 7 in 2016. And it was still the case in iPhone 8/+ and iPhone X.

However, that will be different in this year. Apple has decided to totally remove the headphone jack in its new models, and no dongle will be shipped along with the new iPhones. Instead, the lightning dongle will be sold separately at $9. The new iPhone is, as usual, labeled with a pricy tag with iPhone XR starting $749, iPhone XS at $999 and iPhone XS Max at $1099. So if you want to stick to traditional wired headphone, you have to spend another $9 on it.

Of course, for those who would like to embrace wireless headphones, Apple will be happy to sell you their $159 Airpods. And it is reported that the second generation will come soon. What can we expect from it? Here we round some rumors up, to see its release data, possible price and new features.

What Will Apple’s Next Generation of Airpods Look Like?

Airpods were launched along with the iPhone 7 in 2016. People expected that Apple will upgrade it together with its new iPhones and unveil it on its big event this year. However, nothing about Airpods was mentioned at the Apple event. Analysts predict that Apple won’t have Airpods 2 ready until 2019. And since Apple is used to releasing its new devices in the spring, so it is very likely that the Airpods will come out in March next year.

Apple boosted Airpods 1 as powerful wireless earbuds with excellent sound quality, great auto pause/play function, impressive call quality and accurate Siri controls. The Airpods 1 seems good enough, so what new features will Apple bring to amaze us in the next generation?

There are many speculations towards those new features, and the most talked about are as follows.

Wireless Charging

It has been leaked in 9to5 Mac that the upcoming Airpower will work with the new designed Airpods case. Images of the wireless charging case spotted in iOS 12 beta 5.5 shows no difference to its old version.

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is one of the key factors that ensure a good sound quality. And it is reported that this will be achieved through its physical design in the Airpods 2.

Water Resistance

It is unsurprising that Apple will try to add water resistance to its Airpods. Earbuds are always outside exposed and easy to sprinkle with water. Therefore, water-resistant earbuds are actually what consumers desire for. However, even the next Airpods claims to be waterproof, it only means you can listen music while raining outside, but you can’t submerge it into water.

Biometric Sensor

According to what Bloomberg reported, the Airpods 2 may come with biometric sensor that can monitor heart rate. It should be the job of Apple Watch, but if Airpods do support it, it will be a nice feature as well.

A New Way to Activate Siri

It is said that the new Airpods will allow for voice activation, just like you activate Siri in your iPhone and iPad. This hands-free function will make it more convenient.

How Much Will Airpods 2 Cost?

The Airpods currently cost $159(mentioned before). And follow the Apple convention, most likely it will still at $159 when the Airpods coming. Unless the new technologies add greatly to its cost, there won’t be many changes to its price.

People say that Apple is good at “addition by subtraction”. It is 100 percent proved to be true, from what its removal of ports on MacBook and headphone jack on iPhone as well.