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A6PD Tops PC Advisor's Laptop Charger Roundup

by Bryan Liu, Mon, May 21, 2018

Zendure's 20,100mAh A6PD portable charger has been placed at the top of PC Advisor's list of favorite laptop power banks. "Zendure's 45W A6PD stands out for its extreme energy efficiency and ability to hold a charge for six months just as much as it does its good-looking rugged design," wrote PC Advisor's Marie Black.

A6PD features 45W USB-C input and output and is capable of pass-through charging. PC Advisor's Marie Black describes the feature as "very convenient".

A6PD can be charged via USB-C or micro USB and also features a ZEN+ USB output, which automatically determines your device’s needs and fine-tunes the output to charge it at optimum speed.


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