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PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- SuperBase Pro, the new power station from Zendure, has raised over $1 Million USD from its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. SuperBase Pro aims to be the top choice in power stations, due to key design elements, some eco-friendly innovations and a host of helpful and unique features including IoT connectivity.

HOBOTECH, a reviewer on YouTube with extensive knowledge of the portable power market, lauded SuperBase Pro's power output, portability, display, and competitive pricing.

Andrew O'Hara from AppleInsider called SuperBase Pro "the power station you want", commending the new power station for its "impressive array of inputs and outputs" as well as its superfast recharge ability.

The 2,096Wh, 2,000W power station features two industrial-grade wheels and an extending handle made of aircraft aluminum for ease of transport to the campsite, the workshop, or anywhere mobile power might be needed. The Verge's Jon Porter has spoken on the utility of the handle and wheels.

The power station can be charged to 80% in just one hour and features 14 output ports, including six AC outputs (four in the EU version). While the nominal AC output power is 2,000W, SuperBase Pro can deliver up to 4,000W of surge power. SuperBase Pro is also compatible with most 3,000W devices, thanks to Zendure's patented "AmpUp" technology which raises the output voltage while maintaining a safe pure-sine-wave profile.

A 200W solar panel is available to order alongside SuperBase Pro, and Zendure has recently announced an EV charging station adapter that allows users to charge their power station at up to 1,800W, for a full charge in just two hours. Additionally, SuperBase Pro can be used to charge an electric vehicle, giving a Tesla around seven to eight more miles.

SuperBase Pro can function as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). If power suddenly stops flowing into the AC input, the power station can switch over to battery power in just a fraction of a second, protecting connected devices from downtime or even damage.

Advanced features, controls, and device information can be accessed from SuperBase Pro's companion mobile app, which can connect to the internet over either Wi-Fi or the integrated 4G hardware. SuperBase Pro comes with one year of 4G service that works in 200 countries.

The app shows the status of the power station and allows the user to control the outputs and access specific device preferences, including input limitation, quiet operation mode, and display timeout. Device location is visible in the app thanks to the built-in GPS chip. This is a helpful anti-theft feature, plus it makes it easy for a person to manage multiple power stations at multiple sites.

SuperBase Pro has a rather noticeable eco-friendly slant and tracks the user's carbon reduction in a feature that Zendure calls "ZenForest". As users grow their ZenForest, the calculated carbon reduction will translate to real trees being planted around the world, through a partnership with One Tree Planted. Zendure aims to plant ten million trees by 2025.

SuperBase Pro's Indiegogo campaign is ending in just a few days. The flagship portable charger sells for $1,299, 43% off the anticipated retail price, with estimated delivery in October of this year. Additional accessories are available, including a 200W solar panel, an EV-AC adapter (J1772 or Mennekes), and a waterproof cover. The power station comes with a four-year warranty for customers who back the Indiegogo campaign before it ends. The regular warranty is three years.