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Zendure SuperBase V Portable Power Station Provides On-the-Go Solar Power for Ultimate Off-Grid Adventure Seekers and Explorers

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PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 2, 2023 -- RVshare, the largest community for RV owners and renters, revealed 2023 will be a huge travel year for Americans, especially road trippers. Among the 99% of Americans planning leisure travel in 2023, 61% are planning on taking a road trip or vacation in an RV.

For eco-conscious families and fresh air seekers hitting the road, a portable power station is the perfect travel companion. Zendure's SuperBase V Portable Power Station provides more reliable, safer, cleaner energy when and where users need it most – with zero downtime – ideal for camping, RV and off-grid living, whole-home power and as emergency back-up.


Solar panel power stations pay for themselves by bringing in free energy. Not only that but SuperBase V solar panels can also be installed on the top of the RV for a rooftop recharge while driving, offering convenient, clean, cost-effective energy. SuperBase V can charge up to 3,000W using solar power alone, enough to fully charge the main unit in 2 to 3 hours. It can also be dual charged through the cigarette lighter port in 12/24V 10A and solar panel.


A portable energy system can provide power for your devices when there is no electrical outlet nearby, offering more freedom and flexibility to explore secluded, untouched spots.


Each base station comes with a variety of hook-ups and ports, including AC, USB-A and USB-C and a 12V car outlet for limitless power possibilities. The Satellite Battery has an Anderson port, and the modules can draw up to 600W of solar power through the XT90 port. SuperBase V's TT-30 port can supply up to 30A, 3600W to 120V appliances. Users can easily power their most-needed appliances with built-in 120V/240V dual voltage in one single unit, including refrigerators, HVAC systems, lights, TVs, mobile devices, electronics and more.


Instead of using noisy, gas-powered generators that give off harmful, unpleasant emissions, and are banned in some states, many RVers are in search of quieter, more eco-friendly options. SuperBase V delivers clean energy, and its high-density batteries are safe for on-the-road use.


SuperBase V is equipped with a pull-out handle and motorized wheels for easier portability on-the-go. The companion 400W solar panels with built-in handles are also foldable for easy storage and assembly.

Zendure SuperBase V4600 and 400W solar panel bundle is now available starting at $3,999 at (Affiliate: ShareASale), which can also be purchased in installments for easier accessibility. The main unit of SuperBase V4600 can also be purchased separately for $3,699. For more information, visit


Founded in 2017, Zendure is one of the fastest-growing EnergyTech start-ups located in the technology hubs of Silicon Valley, USA, and the Greater Bay Area, China, Japan, and Germany.

Our mission is to deliver reliable and affordable clean energy for households worldwide by popularizing the latest EnergyTech. We envision being a Clean EnergyTech platform that sustains communities and families. Our successes include SuperBase M, SuperBase Pro and the first Plug & Play Home Energy Storage System - SuperBase V, along with our line of Satellite Batteries, Smart Home Panel, Smart Plug, EV Charger and Remote Energy Management App. Our revolutionary Balcony Energy Storage System SolarFlow turns sunlight into a safe, reliable and resilient source of energy to power our daily life. 

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