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Zendure Spreads a Powerful Message on the Importance of Clean Energy and Power Independent

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Zendure, one of the fastest-growing clean energy tech start-ups, asks global citizens to embrace solar energy this Earth Day. Instead of gas-powered generators that give off harmful emissions, and are banned in some states, Zendure offers more eco-friendly options. Popular solar generators, SuperBase V and SuperBase Pro, harness the power of the sun to deliver clean energy to users on and off grid – a simple way to make a big impact.

"We're calling on all citizens, businesses and communities alike to do their part to support the green economy," said Bryan Liu, CEO & Founder of Zendure. "We want people to know that they don't have to go net zero overnight. By making small changes, like switching from fossil fuels to solar power, we can make a huge impact."

To help people start their journey to cleaner energy, Zendure is offering steep discounts on their solar power generators – starting at 20% off – during their "Power Makes a Difference" campaign from April 20 to April 26.

SuperBase V is the first and only modular, plug-and-play solar energy storage system with semi-solid state batteries to power your home, RV, EV and beyond. It can charge up to 3,000W using solar power alone and can be easily integrated into your existing solar system. The more portable SuperBase Pro can handle solar arrays of any size up to 1,800W. In addition to powering everyday life, these solar power solutions can provide emergency back-up power as well as off-grid power to promote energy independence.

"As a brand dedicated to providing people with the resources they need to improve energy efficiency and reduce their environmental impact, we're proud to be doing our part to elicit future change. We appreciate the consumers who have adopted a cleaner lifestyle already and encourage others to join us in the movement," added Liu.

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Founded in 2017, Zendure is one of the fastest-growing EnergyTech start-ups located in the technology hubs of Silicon Valley, USA, and the Greater Bay Area, China, Japan, and Germany. Our mission is to deliver reliable and affordable clean energy for households worldwide by popularizing the latest EnergyTech. We envision being a Clean EnergyTech platform that sustains communities and families. Our successes include SuperBase M, SuperBase Pro and the first Plug & Play Home Energy Storage System - SuperBase V, along with our line of Satellite Batteries, Smart Home Panel, Smart Plug, EV Charger and Remote Energy Management App. Our revolutionary Balcony Energy Storage System SolarFlow turns sunlight into a safe, reliable and resilient source of energy to power our daily life. 

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