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Foldable smartphone is coming! Samsung, who made this topic hot, has been experimenting bendable OLED display since 2012, and it claimed last year to launch a foldable phone in the end of this year. However, with time quickly going by, we seem to have no chance to see the impressive idea come true in 2018. According to DJ Koh, Samsung’s head of mobile, suggested there are some issues still being solved. But we should expect the first foldable phone to come out next year.

Why People May Need a Foldable Smartphone

People already have smartphones, tablets and laptops, why would they need a foldable smartphone which might be thicker than average phone and smaller than tablet?

For people who travel a lot, a foldable phone can replace both a smartphone and tablet on a trip. The idea behind the foldable phone is to make it the device between smartphone and tablet, and make it as powerful as both of them. In this situation, one is better than two. Moreover, multitasking with a smartphone could be better with more screens set in a smartphone. You can run different apps in two separated screens, which helps you working efficiently.

The most exciting thing with foldable phone is that the unknown new features it will bring. Imagine a smartphone with 3 screens in your hand. What you can do with it? Watching different videos and playing games together not just in the same table anymore but in a same phone! There are more interesting and creative features waiting for us to explore.

However, at the early stage of development what exactly can we expect from Samsung’s foldable phone? ---which is called Galaxy X or F in rumor. Here is what we know so far.

  • Around 7-inch display made up of two 3.5-inch displays and a third display on the outside for quick access.

The “infinity flex display” will be the most obvious feature of Samsung’s foldable phone. It will be more like a tablet when unfolded and a smartphone when fold. The third display allows for a quick access to some common used functions and application such as call, message and checking notifications. Samsung claimed that it can be folded and unfolded for hundreds and thousands of time without wear and tear. However, it will be a secret what technology it applied before the foldable phone finally comes out. 

  • It may miss some of the latest features.

The new coming feature such as in-screen fingerprint sensor will be applied in Samsung Galaxy S10, but it rumored to be unable to be applied in the Galaxy X as there are still some constraints in technologies according to Businessinsider.

  • 7nm processor with 5G capability

There are seldom rumors related to the specs of Galaxy X, and the only one mentioned in the Samsung World Developer Conference is that Samsung are working on a 7nm chipset for the foldable phone and it is likely that Samsung will make it 5G enabled. It makes sense if this happens because the fifth generation of wireless technology is on its way to be accessible for all of us and it will be introduced in the early 2019. It is possible for Samsung to make its first foldable phone a 5G phone. Moreover, rumor has it that the Samsung Galaxy X will be designed as a gaming smartphone which makes its 5G-support feature reasonable.

So far, there is rarely exact information about the Samsung foldable phone. But as a pioneer of this new concept, there will be a lot of rumors and miracles waiting for us. On the other hand, there will be many problems as well when a brand new idea coming into life. What’s your expectation about the Samsung foldable phone?

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