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Apple is widely expected to release three new products in the next two months, including a successor to the 5.8-inch iPhone X, the larger iPhone X Plus and a lower-priced LCD iPhone. Apple said iPhone X Plus is expected to be the most popular one of this year, which runs iOS 12, continuing the excellent performances of iPhone X and making improvements in several aspects. But some people argue that iPhone X Plus will be not worth buying if its price is much higher and if it hasn’t been improved a lot. Here, we get the most complete information about iPhone X Plus for your reference, and we'll go through the most focused aspects, covering its screen, camera, charging technology and price.

Screen: Larger

The iPhone X Plus's bezel is further narrowed and the front Home button is removed, thanks to that, the screen of iPhone X Plus is 6.5-inches, the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus. It means that Apple will have one new model which has the same size of Samsung's 6.3-inch Galaxy Note 8 and the newest Note 9.

We pay attention to the screen first because the performance of the screen, especially the size of it, would affect our using experience of mobile phones extremely as we spend more and more time on them. If the machine is too small, it’s not great to watch videos and play games. The trends across the smartphone industry over the years have been one wave after another, though bigger screens have always been the top trend. Strictly speaking, since the iPhone 7 Plus generation, the larger size has been the top choice for iPhone users.

Photo: Possibly More Cameras

Since iPhone X was designed with bangs, the number of components required for the TrueDepth camera and Face ID has allowed Apple to adjust the camera's position, with a vertical array of rear-facing double camera. And some medias projected that Apple may release a new product with three rear cameras that will be used on iPhone X Plus or the third-generation iPhone X. So, the camera of iPhone X Plus would be double or three.

Thickness: Thicker to Better Accommodate Cameras

Due to changes in the rear-mounted camera installation mode, the iPhone X Plus's body will be 7.7mm, which is as thick as iPhone X and 0.2mm thicker than iPhone 8 Plus.

Battery: Continued Wireless and Quick Charging

iPhone X Plus supports wireless charging and fast charging, and it works with the Lightning data interface. Although rumors circulated that iPhone models will switch to USB-C entirely in 2018, a recent report showed that Apple will continue to use the Lightning port this year. For such phones, a power bank that supports quick charging is essential, since Apple doesn't have an official portable charger. Thus we recommend one for you.

Zendure Power Bank: A8 QC

>> Faster than you think: Thanks to the certified Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology, A8 QC provides the 7.5W rapid charging for iPhone X/8/8 Plus and 10W fast charging for Samsung Galaxy series devices, which may be the maximum wireless charging speed you’ve ever seen.

>> Charge-through: You have only one power bank, but what to do if both your mobile phone and power bank are out of power? Thanks to the charging-through technology exclusively achieved by Zendure, you could charge your mobile phone while Zendure A8 QC itself are being charged.

>> Larger than any others: 26,800 mAh large battery is the top capacity of Zendure A-series, which could extend your phone usage over 7 times.

A8 QC is the power bank that are both durable and stylish, no wonder it was recommended as the top wireless charger 2018 by Tech Advisor Magazine and trusted by more than 100k fans the whole world. It’s available on Zendure official website and Amazon, join the Zendure experience now.

Price: May Sell at $999

It's important to notice that Apple is often surprisingly unpredictable in terms of the price of its products. Though hardware configuration can be tracked through the supply chain, price is still uncertain. IPhone X started selling $999 in 2017, and many people expect iPhone X Plus will be prohibitively expensive. However, analysts don’t seem to agree. One analyst said Apple will cut the price of its 5.8-inch iPhone X successor to $899 this year, while iPhone X Plus would sell $999.

iPhone Plus series have accounted for a large percentage of Apple's shipments in recent years. The data of last year showed that shipments of the iPhone 8 Plus exceeded those of iPhone 8. Though Apple's sales growth is not high nowadays, the profit growth is relatively high. This means many people are willing to pay higher price for iPhone, and iPhone has its really loyal fans. In general, it could be expected that iPhone X Plus would be welcomed by the market, and if its price is not prohibitively high, it’s worth to buy according to its better performance in dual cameras, full display, charging technology and recognition technology.

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