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Qi wireless charger

Almost everyone wants to charge their phone as fast as they can and charge their phone in an easier way, which is no need to plug and unplug every time. But to meet both the fast and wireless charging requirements at once, there are few things you need to check out and maybe several accessories to buy, depending on which phone you have.

  • Is your phone wireless-charging enabled?
  • Does your phone support quick charging?

The main standard for wireless charging today is Qi from WPC (Wireless Power Consortium). With more and more manufactures taking advantages of Qi charging (including Apple); it has taken most of the wireless charging market.

When comes to fast charging, there are many standards in the market, and the most popular one is Qualcomm’s quick charging technology. The most commonly implemented standard — QC3.0 which offers power up to 18w — rapid charges your phone no problem.

What are Qi wireless charging phones

If your phone supports both fast and wireless charging, then it is easy to quick charge your phone wirelessly with a quality wireless charger with QC technology. Zendure’s Q4 wireless charging bundle provides 7.5w rapid charging for iPhone X/11/11 Pro, 10w for Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/Note 10 and more with a QC2.0/QC3.0 AC adapter. It perfectly prevents your phone from overcharging, overheating and short-circuits through Zen+ protection.

This wireless charger comes from Zendure which had one of the successful projects from Kickstarter backed by over 10k fans worldwide. Zendure products have proven to be reliable and worthy to buy. 

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Wireless charging bundle

However, if your phone does not support wireless charging, then you need an extra wireless charger receiver or a wireless battery case, combined with a wireless charging pad to charge it wirelessly. Please note that different smartphones have different charging port, thus you need to check before buying, or it won’t work.

Here are some best wireless charger receivers for different phones.

For Samsung S10+: This wireless charger is fully compatible with Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy Note 10+ and works well with all Qi standard wireless charging pad.

For iPhone 11 / 11 Pro and more: This wireless charger provides fastest wireless charging speeds and even charges through lightweight plastic cases – up to 6mm. 

For All Android Phones with micro-USB: Works well with this Qi-enabled charging pad. Make sure that your mobile device centered on the wireless charger for the fastest 10W charging speeds.  

Qi enabled wireless chargers

Universal Tips

Aside from the advantages you receive from advanced fast charging technology, there are some universal tips you can use to fast charge your smartphone.

Factors affecting the speed of charging

Generally, there are three main factors affect the speed of charging: output current, quality charger and battery temperature. So for faster charging, you should always use a quality charger (wireless or wired) with enough current supply at ambient temperature.

Qi-enabled wireless charger

Avoid using your phone while charging

This may be not your favorite option as it means you are unable to check your messages, play games or watch videos. However, it helps with charging your phone much faster since the battery isn’t being used to run any other process. In order to charge your phone even faster, you’d better leave your phone alone and set it to Airplane Mode, shut off some unnecessary features or directly turn it off while charging. In these cases, it avoids unnecessary battery consumption to make way for charging.

No matter if you have a wireless supported or a non-supported phone, if you want to make full use of the advanced technology of wireless and quick charging, you are undoubtedly need to shell out a few bucks for it. But it is worth trying for an easier and more efficient life.


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