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Apple released the new 2018 iPad Pro at the conference in October as we expected. The appearance of the new iPad Pro 2018 is a major change, which has reached almost full screen design. At the same time, it uses USB-C interface for the first time. Apple seems to have gradually positioned iPad Pro as a portable computer, therefore 2018 iPad Pro also packs USB-C interface like MacBook. New iPad Pro can be connected to an external screen, camera, and even used to recharge iPhone.

However, an iPhone and a USB mouse have taken up two USB interfaces, combined with external screens, cameras, or other USB peripheral devices, USB-C interfaces of iPad Pro 2018 are obviously not enough. At that time, a USB Hub can help you, it can extend USB interfaces. When you use a USB Hub, you may find some problems may happen, the storage devices cannot be used after connection, or the power is in short supply. So, how do you choose a use-friendly and reliable USB-C hub for iPad Pro 2018?

The enormous potential market of USB hub has attracted the attention of numerous manufacturers, USB hubs are classified into two categories, no-name products and quality goods.

The price of inferior USB hub is low, and there are also four or five USB interfaces, which is very tempting. So is an inferior product a good choice? In fact, the crafts of inferior USB hubs are simple, their circuit parts are almost empty and virtual welding is obvious. Because there is no master-control chip and circuit design, the inferior hubs often cannot identify U disk, there may be no reaction after connecting mobile hard disk. Besides, the biggest drawback of an inferior USB Hub is that there is a serious shortage of power supply when several USB devices run together.

Some authentic USB-C hubs, although their prices are higher, are more user-friendly and security, of course.

This USB-C Hub from Zendure, a famous charging accessory brand, is not only a Hub, but also a quick charge power bank!

Zendure X6: a USB hub and 20,100 mAh power bank with 45W PD & QC

X6 comes with a USB Hub mode (compatible with USB 2.0) that can sync and manage your files with 2 extra USB-A ports between USB-C Hub ports. X6’s compatibility and stability is better than other products because the superior master-control chips. With X6, you could connect your iPad Pro 2018 to several USB-C devices smoothly.

Besides being a USB-C Hub, X6 is also praised by many users due to its practicality in charging. To sum up, it has three features that make it really different from other ordinary portable chargers.

X-Charge Mode: This is a high-tech feature that enables you to charge devices without power limitation. For example, you’d charge Beats wireless earphones, Fitbit fitness bands, smartwatches, and more low-power devices, which is not achievable for many other power banks.

UPS Mode: It’s another surprising technology! You want to use X6 to charge your iPad Pro 2018 while X6 itself is being recharged? X6’s UPS mode could make it happen.

Super-Fast Charging: How fast could X6 be? Equipped with the latest PD fast-charging technology, X6 provides 45W full speed charging for your iPad Pro 2018, iPhone X, and Nintendo Switch.

The highlights of X6 are more than what we mentioned above, it has 20,100mAh large capacity, it’s the most versatile portable battery charger and it has 5-Port outputs to charge 5 devices simultaneously. As one of the most successful power banks of Zendure, there is no wonder its crowdfunding projects on Indiegogo was successful, more specifically, X6 was trusted by over 2,000 backers worldwide. To know more about X6 and Zendure, you’d click or

Some shabby-looking USB hubs with low prices rely on cutting corners to compress costs. And some good-looking USB hubs are not necessarily good, we couldn’t judge if there is a master-control chip just by its appearance, whether the circuit board manufacturing crafts are good or not. Therefore, when we choose a USB-C Hub for iPad Pro 2018, the easiest way is to choose a well-known brand with good reputation, they are reliable in workmanship, quality, warranty and after-sale guarantee.

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