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How Long Does It Take to Fully Charge iPhone XS?

by Zendure Team, Fri, Nov 02, 2018

Fast Charge iPhone with portable charger

iPhone XS, one of the new iPhones, was officially announced by Apple in September 2018. The 5.8-inch iPhone XS that’s designed with A12 bionic processor and OLED display is priced as $999. And there is another bigger iPhone XS which is iPhone XS Max. They are the same on phone performance except the screen size as the iPhone XS Max is 6.5-inch, priced as $1099. If you don’t pursue the large screen, the iPhone XS may be your best choice.

The iPhone XS has the smallest battery in the three new iPhones, which is 2,658 mAh, lasting 30 minutes longer than iPhone X. According to Tom’s Guide battery test, iPhone XS can last for 9 hours and 41 minutes. If you decide to buy iPhone XS, one of the essential questions is how long does it take to fully charge iPhone XS?

Fast Charge iPhone with portable charger

Apple claims that the new iPhones support fast charging with 50% charged in just 30 minutes. Fast charging means you can fully charge your iPhone XS in a short amount of time. It seems that your iPhone XS can charge so quickly, it is full of battery by the time you get out of the shower.

Unfortunately, as it is confirmed by many customers, Apple new iPhone XS package comes with a 5W tiny charger which is not able to fast charge. As for the question, how long it takes to full charge iPhone XS with 5W charger included in Apple package? The PhoneArena claims that it takes 3 hours 5 minutes to be fully charged after test. This lets customers down for its super low charging speeds.

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Fast Charge iPhone with portable charger

If you want to make use of iPhone fast charging experience, you need to purchase additional accessories to support fast charge.

Many customers complain that it is not cost-effective to purchase extra fast charging accessories with the high cost of the iPhone itself. Is there an all-in-one fast charging solution?

The answer is definitely YES! There is a Zendure A8PD 26800mAh portable charger. It brings the fast charging convenience, but also is the perfect travel item companion.  

Fast Charge iPhone with portable charger

Zendure A8PD 26800mAh Portable Charger

Thanks to 30W maximum power output, you can fast charge your phone with a shorter time than the original 5W tiny charger, charging 50% up to 30 minutes which gives you a fast charging experience. Imagine how convenient it is if you sit down to drink a cup of coffee, and your phone is fully charged, right in time to use.

And you can charge 5 devices like iPhone XS, MacBook, Android phones at the same time since there are 5 ports in the portable power bank. These 5 ports give you great convenience to charge many other devices you like, not just your iPhone XS.

Moreover, the accurate LED readout reminds you how much capacity remains. A multifaceted safety protection system keeps you and your device safe.

Beside, this Zendure A8PD is compact and portable design which makes it a perfect accompany on your flight travel, work outside, hang out with friends or daily household use. Try to imagine how terrible it is if your phone dead when there is an important phone call from your business partner or there is an urgent call from your boss. It is a savior for your dead phone. Never again worry about a dead phone battery because this Zendure A8PD portable charger can charge iPhone XS about 7 times for your all day use.

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