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OnePlus 6

In May, 2018, the brand-new OnePlus 6 was released at the Olympic Stadium in London, no more than a half year after the launch of OnePlus 5T. With a large screen and great product design, OnePlus 6 is the brand’s best phone yet. Comparing to OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 6 has been improved in display resolution, water resistance and so many other capabilities. You can get one from the OnePlus official website directly or on Amazon. But as to battery capacity and technology, it’s the same non-removable Li-Po 3300 mAh battery, so what is the best charging solution for OnePlus 6? Are there any suitable unofficial power banks for it?

Obviously dash charging would be the first choice most of the time, however, it’s not that friendly for long-distance travelers or daily commuters since you are restricted to using the bundled plug and cable. Since OnePlus hasn’t brought any official power banks to its new generation, a third-party power bank is recommended.

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Impressive Dash Charging

Because Apple has stepped into the group of fast charging as well, the capability of fast charging becomes an essential value to purchase or evaluate a smart-phone these days. OnePlus is competition to the Samsung Galaxy S9iPhone X and LG G7, as usual, OnePlus 6’s dash charging technology is impressive with lightning-fast charging speed. You can shift quickly between gaming, working and browsing while it’s charging, which won’t slow down the speed of charging and heat the phone up too much. Obviously, official dash charging would be the first choice for most of people because it’s quick, safe and reliable.

Charging OnePlus 6

Power Banks Anywhere and Anytime

An official OnePlus portable charger has not yet been released. If you use the OnePlus 6 with a conventional power supply, the charging speed may drop dramatically. As for choosing a power bank, there are several crucial factors which will help you purchase one that charges your OnePlus 6 anywhere and anytime safely.

  1. Compatibility: Only power banks that are compatible will not damage the devices and lower the battery life.
  2. Capacity: Large capacity can reduce the trouble of frequent charging. Once charged fully, it can charge several devices for several times, which is very helpful for long trips.
  3. Charging Speed: Safe, reliable fast charging thanks to high-tech helps to save your time and bring you a better user experience. For example, the faster your phone charges, the faster you can get back to doing what you want with it. The majority of people prefer to play games by mobile phone after it’s charged, because the phone heats up a lot while it’s charging.
  4. Safety Protection: The event of the Samsung battery explosion is alarming, and safety is of vital importance for people using electronic devices. Pay attention to battery safety protection when you choose smartphones or power banks particularly.

Charging OnePlus 6

Why Zendure A6 PD is Recommended

The charging protocol used by the OnePlus 6 is 5V / 4A 20W fast charging, if you are using a portable charger that can reach or approach the standard, then this will be a good instant charging solution. There aren't so many mobile power suppliers on the market that can meet the standard. Zendure A6 PD could be considered, which Provides high-speed charging for 45W USB-C power delivery enabled devices, including most Android phones like OnePlus 6, tablets, laptops, MacBook Pro, Nintendo Switch and more.

Zendure A6PD

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Other features of Zendure A6 PD

  • Colossal Battery: 20100mAh capacity —for example, it’s high capacity could fully charges your MacBook 1.5 times, iPhone X 5.5 times, Nintendo Switch 2.5 times, Galaxy S8 4 times.
  • Advanced Fast Charging Technology: Zen+ smart charging technology and pass-through charging technology — Zen+ automatically determines your device’s needs and fine-tunes the output to charge it at optimum speed. It would charge mobile phones from 0% up to 50% in just 30 minutes thanks to USB Power Delivery. It can charge your devices at full speed with a single wall charger, which is a feature rarely seen in other power banks. 
  • Multi-Faceted Safety Protection: Zendure protection is against short circuit, power surge, overheating and overcharging, and what you get are 45-Day Money Back Guarantee and 24-Month Product Replacement Warranty Card.

That’s why Zendure A6 PD is recommended as the best power bank for OnePlus 6 by so many people. As one of the most durable external batteries available on the market, the Zendure series portable chargers are as always lightweight, with a compact pocket-friendly design and affordable price. You can easily take it anywhere you go, and then enjoy the beauty that technology brings to us.

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