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Because there are more and more people active on their mobile phones, laptops, and tablets for longer periods of time, these electronic devices are more powerful than ever.

Despite the increase in power, most of us still find ourselves in need of charging our batteries throughout the day, especially when traveling. For these times, a power bank is a real lifesaver. However, not all power banks are equal, particularly when it comes to price.

For people interested in a quality power bank, it is important to know the difference between what you are getting with the cheap power banks and the more expensive power banks.

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Power banks (or external battery chargers) have become a necessity for most of us to charge our mobile phones, gaming devices, laptops, tablets, and more since we are now using these devices longer than the battery’s capacity.  Power banks consist of a specific type of battery in a special case with a special circuit that controls the flow of the current. The device allows for storage of power to be used later to charge an electronic device. A power bank on hand is an ideal backup to recharge or top off a device when you are far from a wall outlet. These power banks are good for just about any USB-charged devices such as Cameras, smartphones, GPS systems, Gaming Devices, Laptops, GoPros, MP3 players, and even tablets. Practically anything that charges from USB at home can be charged from a power bank.

There are many different types of power banks on the market today, but they all do essentially the same thing - allow people to charge their electronic devices. When it comes to cost, the prices will vary according to the  features and specs included in a particular power bank.

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Power Bank Capacity

The capacity of a charger will affect its price. The higher the capacity, the higher the price. To determine if you require a high capacity power bank, you have to consider what device you will be charging, how many times you will require it, and if you will be charging multiple devices.

For example, a tablet requires more power than a smartphone, and charging multiple devices requires a higher capacity power bank. To determine your needs, look up the capacity of the battery that is already in your device which is measured in milliamp hours (mAh). The mAh rating is the storage capacity available for a particular battery. Higher mAh ratings for the same battery type will generally mean longer run time. The power bank that you require should exceed that number so you’ll get at least one full charge out of it. You may find that a low-capacity power bank does not exceed your needs. The iPad Pro has a 10000 mAh+ battery so you will require a high capacity power bank for one full charge. Power banks that are 20,000 mAh and higher are normally sufficient for those on-the-go and need a lot of power as it is necessary for keeping devices topped up.

There are many benefits to buying a high capacity power bank. It allows you to charge your device multiple times over. It is very convenient to have the power bank if you are one that often forgets to charge your device overnight or you travel a lot, making it difficult to always have access to a wall outlet. As well, the larger power banks tend to come with more than one output port which allows for charging more than one device at the same time.

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Amps, Ports, and Plugs

The size, number of ports, and plugs all affect the price of a power bank. The more that a power bank can do for you, the more it will cost. The cheaper power banks tend to offer the minimum of specifications and features. For instance, a high capacity power bank that charges multiple devices at once will often have enough USB ports, unlike a cheap power bank.

The more expensive power banks should have the ports rated for the device you’re plugging into it. Sometimes only one of them is rated at 2.4amps or higher so it is important to check.  If you are traveling light or want to keep the portable power bank in a pocket it is important to be aware that size and weight will increase with capacity. Also, many power banks that charge laptops tend to be larger, heavier, and more expensive. 

The output voltage of the power bank should be equal to or higher than that of your device. If the description of a portable power bank does not specifically state your device, compare its specs to those of the charger you are considering. For instance, an iPhone and most Android smartphones need at least one amp, while an iPad and other tablets expect 2.4 amps. It is important to get it right so you don’t experience really long charging times or the inability to charge. Note: To fast charge a device, you may need a battery that can output up to 3.0 amps. If you want to get more power into your phone quickly, you may want to get the high output battery.

power bank price

Cheap vs. Expensive

The release of power banks into the market has really helped with keeping people from experiencing the frustration of dealing with a dead or dying battery in small mobile and computing devices. However, there are power banks out there that may be cheap but do not meet your needs. And, cheap power banks cannot always be trusted as many come with false specs and may even be a safety hazard. Some unknown manufacturers use bad materials in their power banks. These cheap power banks can explode sometimes. You should purchase power banks with safety certificates from trusted brands. 

Most power banks will slowly lose charge over time. The higher quality and more expensive power banks last a long time, while smaller and cheaper power banks tend not to last as long, A good power bank can hold charge for 3 to 6 months with minimal loss. Zendure power banks are equipped with long-term standby mode and hold up to 95% of the charge for 6 months. Lower quality power banks tend to hold a charge for no more than 4 to 6 weeks. 

Power banks can be recharged easily by attaching to any USB port. These devices give us freedom to use our portable devices without worrying about the battery. As well, we can travel without worrying about finding a wall outlet for charging. Like most products, you get what you pay for, so if you need a reliable power bank with specific specs, you may want to spend a bit more and get a high quality, high capacity power bank from a trusted brand.

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