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best portable charger for your smartphone

Despite the fact that today mobile phones increasingly have higher capacity batteries, they are still insufficient to be able to withstand more than one day with ease.

The portable batteries also known as portable chargers or power banks have had a great boom in recent years. There are a great variety of models available. So many that sometimes it feels exhausting to choose the best portable charger for your smartphone or other electronic devices.

This is why we are going to show you what you should look for when buying a portable charger, because it is not as simple as it seems.

Tips to Find the Right Portable Charger:

The Milliampere

It may seem obvious but, you cannot buy a portable charger without first knowing how many milliamps your device has. For example, if your phone has a 2,000mAh battery, you should buy at least one of 4,000mAh (twice the amperage), to be able to charge it a couple of times.

In many cases, we see how sellers sell 2,000mAh Power Banks for their devices of 3000mAh or more, which means they do not even have a single charge. The amperage is a key point to look at, so do a couple of calculations before buying anything.

The Amps Output

Another important point to look for is the output amperage. Let's give you some examples.

Output 1A: this charger has a maximum output of 1000mAh / hour

Output 2A: this charger has a maximum output of 2000mAh / hour

Output 2.4A: this charger has a maximum output of 2400mAh / hour

This means that if, for example, your device has 2000mah, and you buy a portable charger with a 2A output, in one hour it should be charged. This depends on your device, since not all of them allow charging at so much amperage; the normal thing is that the load is around 1A -1000mAh / hour.

Quality: Cheap Ends Up Being Expensive

If you had a Galaxy S7 edge and you could remove the battery, would you buy a Chinese battery for 5 dollars? If the answer is no, consider that buying an extremely cheap portable charger might not be a good idea. For less than $50 we have some excellent portable chargers on, so do not play around and buy a decent one.

The battery is important for the phone, and the higher the quality of the load, the more cycles it will last. In our opinion, it is not worth saving a few dollars to end up damaging your battery.

We hope that you keep in mind all these tips when choosing your portable charger.

How to Choose the Best Portable Charger for Your Smartphone

Know the State of Charge

Many portable chargers do not include an LED display on how much juice is left. With high-capacity portable chargers it is vital to know how much energy is left when you are charging, as well as to notify us that you have little battery left.

It is recommended choosing portable charger that shows us how much charging time you have left and when we should recharge the battery itself.

Search, Compare and Then Buy

We recommend it in any purchase. Compare is the best way to choose the best product and the one that best suits us for what we are going to use. Same goes for choosing power bank.

Understand How Many Devices the Portable Charger Works

It is not wise to use a portable charger solely for your smartphone. Choose one that can charge three or more different devices: mobile, tablet, smart watch. When buying a portable charger pay attention to the number of USB output ports that can charge various devices together.

Take Advantage of New Charging Technologies

With the arrival of the USB Type-C port and fast charging Quick Charge in smartphones, it is recommended to look for power banks that have these technologies to recharge our devices faster. If even the smartphone you have supports the Type-C port, you should seriously consider using this option even if the price of the relative portable charger will be a little higher.

How to Choose the Best Portable Charger for Your Smartphone

The Weight and Dimensions

Do not forget that we are in front of a portable accessory, so we want to transport it easily and not have an unnecessary weight on the shoulders. The ideal is that it is light and discreet in size.

Avoid Poor Quality Power Banks

This does not mean that low-cost products are of poor quality. There are times when we make a mistake to save a little money. It is advisable to choose a portable charger of a brand specializing in the field. Low cost power banks can explode and ruin your device if they do not pass the relevant security checks.

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