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Apple held its annual fall event at the Steve Jobs Theater last week to officially launch its new products - the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and the fourth-generation Apple watch. The Apple Watch Series 4 sells at $399, the cellular version sells at $499, and the Series 3 is down to $279. Here is some primary information about the brand-new Apple Watch Series 4 to give you some references.

Larger Display Screen, 30% Larger

Apple Watch Series 4 has a full screen that is 30 percent larger than the previous one, allowing you to place close contacts and call them directly. There are 40 mm and 44 mm sizes in total. Because the screen is larger, new designs have been made for the dials and the Apps. For example, the fitness and health can be displayed together and the notification information can be viewed directly on the surface. And also, even the previous breathing function was added to the dial background.


Apple Watch Series 4 is designed with rounded corners as a whole. In order to adapt to the curved screen, its UI adopts a new round interface and design. The watch is available in three colors: red, white and black, and its back cover is made of sapphire glass. Plus, the modified microphone and speaker make Siri easier to use.

New Features: Falling and Heart Rate Monitoring

What surprised Apple fans most perhaps are two new features of Apple Watch Series 4: fall detection and heart rate monitoring. If you accidentally fall while wearing your watch, it will be detected and the watch would help you to dial the emergency number. This is convenient especially for the elderly.

Also, the new Apple Watch can detect your heartbeat, if the heartbeat is too fast or too slow, it will prompt or call emergency services directly. It also supports the generation of electrocardiogram, which can be saved as a document and refer to a doctor. The whole process takes only 30 seconds! Electrocardiogram is the most direct medical method for detecting heart disease, but most of the time it can only be tested in hospitals. With the new Apple Watch, heart problems can be found at any time. It’s a great lifesaver! It has also been certified by FDA, in other words, the watch has become a qualified medical device.

Longer Battery Endurance

For users, the feature they wanted to see most on the Apple Watch Series 4 was longer battery life. The short battery life of the Apple Watch series 3 has long been a problem for users. Basically, you need to take it off every night to recharge. Luckily, the larger, thinner display allows Apple to give the Apple Watch Series 4 a larger battery.

The extra battery life can be used for new sensors and other features. Series 4 has 18 hours of battery life, and the outdoor physical training lasts for 6 hours, which is enough to normally use it for one or two days. That means Apple Watch users don’t have to charge their watches every night any more. However, as to using Apple watch outdoors for a long time, such as traveling, a portable charger is necessary to provide continuous power.

Zendure X6: Best for Wearable Devices and Outdoors Lovers

Zendure X6 is the best power bank for wearable devices such as smart-watches, wireless earphones, fitness bands and much more because of its X-Charge technology.

Most power banks on the market have one problem in common: they all have a minimum output ranging from 80 mAh to 150 mAh. Smaller devices, especially wearable devices, usually draw less current than that, causing a power bank to automatically shut off. X-Charge is a kind of low-power charging mode which could support unlimited range of low-power devices, with which your wearable devices will never run out of power again in the wild.

Besides, X6 is also the most versatile power bank for you to charge other devices, almost everything. It has the following great features: 20000 mAh high capacity, 45W USB fast charging, five outputs for charging several devices simultaneously and UPS for charging your devices while itself is being charged, etc. Such a versatile power bank is available on and now. Join the Zendure family today!

In other areas of health and sports watches, Apple is being overtaken by other companies. Some company products support sleep tracking and sleep apnea detection, which the Apple Watch has not achieved yet. Luckily, in Apple Watch Series 4, we could see Apple has focused more on these areas, which would make it more salable and popular among users.

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