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On a dark, Halloween night, all was calm. Perhaps too calm.

The festivities had ended. I was watching an old movie before bed. In the closing scene of the movie, the lights flickered, moments later . . . it happened again.

As I was searching for my candles I heard a scream coming from afar. I was transfixed. It sounded like it was heading in my direction. Was it a ghost? A goblin? A vampire? A witch? The lights continued to flicker and dim. In a panic, I attempted to light the first candle.

Suddenly everything went pitch black. Complete silence. I knew something was wrong. . .

Fortunately, my Zendure SuperBase Pro complete energy storage system kicked in. All the lights came back on. It felt like less than a second.

If you want to ensure you have power, even in the spookiest of power cuts, order your Zendure SuperBase Pro today.

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Speaking of surprises, with the release of our new Zendure SuperBase V (now available on kickstater) we are bringing you the ultimate home self power system. We have you covered for all your household, RV & EV energy needs. Anytime. Anywhere. Armed to the fangs with energy. Ready for all your power needs. Why has is gained the title of “the most ambitious self power system in production today” ? Find out why below.






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