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In less than one month we will see the debut of the next version of iPhones. Many rumors have it that Apple will unveil three models of iPhone named iPhone 9, iPhone 11 and iPhone X Plus with 5.8inch, 6.1inch and 6.5inch or 6.4inch (according to the latest rumors) display respectively. Apple has led the smartphone market for years, keep surprising us both in quality and price (the iPhone X broke the price record of $1000 last year.)

The rumored iPhone X Plus is claimed to be the plus version of last year’s iPhone X which packs an IP67 rating. Recent years, waterproof technology has been increasingly concerned in a smartphone as it can well protect your phone from rain and any accidental liquid splash. There is no doubt that iPhone X Plus will be water resistant, but what kind of rating it will be equipped with? You may be curious about it!

What do IP 67 and IP 68 rating mean specifically?

Before speculating the level of water-resistance iPhone X Plus has, let’s see what the “67” or “68” following the IP means.

“IP” refers to “ingress protection”, generally, there are two kinds of foreign objects that “IP” protects: solid and liquid. When comes to the IP rating of a smartphone, it often refers to dust for solid and water for liquid. The first number after the “IP” is used to measure how resistant the device can be to the dust, and “6” is the highest rating; while, the number following the dust-resistant rating is a measurement of water-resistance, ranging from 0 to 8, with the higher the number, the greater the resistance will be. So, here the IP 68 is the highest rating to dust and water resistance.

However, no matter your smartphone labelled IP 67 or IP 68, it doesn’t promise to allow you to submerge your smartphone into deep water for hours. It is generally tested to withstand 30 minutes water submersion at a depth of up to 1.5 meters. But you are not suggested to test the limits of your phone.  

Will iPhone X Plus feature IP 67 or IP 68?

There is no clear information to the IP rating of the upcoming iPhone X Plus till now. Both the iPhone 8 series and iPhone X in 2017 featured an IP 67 rating, it is likely that iPhone 2018 will follow the tradition and still come with an IP 67 rating. However, it is more likely that it will come with an IP 68 rating as many big names such as Samsung and Huawei have equipped their new phones with powerful IP 68. To match with them, Apple may catch up.

Will you choose iPhone X Plus?

Some analysts predict that iPhone X Plus will have a high price just as iPhone X came last year, starting around $1000. And Samsung released its Galaxy Note 9 on August 9 with a price started similar to that of the upcoming iPhone X Plus. Also featured with a 6.4 inch OLED display, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was reviewed as a master of spec and even came with a versatile Low Power Energy Bluetooth S Pen. iPhone X Plus was reported to support dual SIM cards and also back wireless charging, Face ID etc. But what innovation it will bring us is still a mystery.

The updating in design and specs seems to happen every year, but what exactly makes a smartphone stand out to consumers is far more than that. Creative changes like Samsung’s S Pen and Vivo’s Pop-up cameras are welcome this year, maybe iPhone will pack us a different power adapter in its box this year, after all, the 5 watt charger has never be replaced before and has been complained a lot.

With many Android phones crowd into the bandwagon of high-end smartphones, will you still choose iPhone?

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