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Unlike many of the smartphones that go with detailed IP rate for dust and water protection reference, OnePlus phones don’t mention anything about its water resistance. But according to the test, it is indeed waterproof and even performs better than what it claims to be. So, what kind of waterproofing does OnePlus 6 actually has?

Let’s first talk about the IP rate. In the last few years, the standard for water resistance mainly lies in the IP rating of a device, and IP67 has become somewhat of an industry standard, meaning that the phone is equipped with full protection against dust, and is able to withstand submersion in one meter of water for thirty minutes.

There is no specification of IP rate on OnePlus 6, but according to the official statement, OnePlus 6 provides everyday protection suitable for most real-world scenarios---such as splashes of water, an accidental submergence in a kitchen sink. It can be used in the rain as well.

So how can we know its water resistance ability when not acknowledging its IP rate? Here we will refer to a video named OnePlus 6 teardown taken by respected repair site iFixit.

According to iFixit, OnePLus 6 is equipped with a waterproof inner design. For example, the dual-SIM card tray which has an integrated rubber gasket, sealing the opening from water when it’s locked in place.

In addition, a special type of foam layered on the gap between the screen and the battery cover prevents water from seeping into the wiring. Also, most of the sockets on the motherboard are surrounded by black silicone seals which avoid water intrusion to a great degree. Finally, iFixit found sealing gaskets around the speaker grille, USB Type-C port, and headphone jack, which contribute to a good water-proof performance of One-Plus 6.

These designs indeed help to improve OnePlus 6’s water resistance ability, yet it doesn’t mean that you can freely immerse it under deep water for a long period of time. iFixit once said: “we probably wouldn’t jump into the pool with it, but it’s nice to have a little protection that doesn’t impede repair.”

To be concluded, the OnePlus 6 can withstand a bit of water without suffering any damage. It is well-equipped to survive a drop in the sink or a spilled glass of water. You could take it to the pool for half an hour and it will be still fine afterwards, but we don’t suggest you to do so, and so does OnePlus 6.

Tips on Waterproof Devices

Waterproof as it is, there are also some details that require attention.

Firstly, you should dry your phone with towel whenever it gets wet. The waterproof design can do something for water resistance, but in a long period of time, water will intrude into the phone eventually.

Secondly, never put your phone into salt water or ionized water. If your phone is immersed into salt water, wash the phone with fresh water and dry thoroughly with towel.

Thirdly, when drying off your phone, you should pat the earpiece, microphone, external speaker and the USB interface connector with tower to clean as much water as possible, if necessary you can even use a small hair dryer.

Fourthly, you should protect your phone from physical damage. When there are chips and cracks on the phone body, you should avoid the phone from getting wet.

All in all, OnePlus 6 does much better in water resistance than its statement. Yet waterproof as it is, you should avoid bringing it into swimming pool for a long period of time and also avoid physical damage. If there are any cracks and chips on the cover, don’t get it wet anymore. Also, to avoid the damage brought by chemical reaction, you should keep your OnePlus 6 away from salt water or ionized water. Take everything seriously and you will get a longer life span of OnePlus 6.

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