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Thinking about going on a road trip in 2018? Planes are great for getting from A to B in the fastest matter possible, but you will miss you on some amazing sights. You can't beat experiencing the views and local culture on a road trip.

There are a few things you need for a road trip in 2018 when it comes to being in the car.

Travel with People

Roads trip alone can be great, but they are a lot better when you have somebody in the car. You can sing your heart out to the radio together, or talk to pass the time. A travel companion can also drive while you take a break.  

So take your friends with you, or an acquaintance that wants to go on a road trip too. Road trips can be great for bonding.

And if you are alone, talk with people on your stops, perhaps you'll make a new friend. Even if you are with friends, talking to locals is a great way to get the full road trip experience.

It's the people you meet that make a trip great.

Play the Right Music

Everybody loves music and while talking is great, singing with friends is even better. Before you leave, make sure you create those road trip playlists, stock your car with CDs, or know which radio stations to jam out to.  

If you do make playlists on your device, just make sure you bring your AUX cable to connect your phone or MP3 player. Listening to the music you want can make your trip a lot more fun.

Bring Power

No, not the TV show starring 50 Cent.

As fun as talking and listening to music is, we know you will want to send a few Snapchats, maybe check your Instagram. You also need your smartphone for reliable navigation on Google Maps. You know the your devices’ batteries aren't great at lasting too long.

What will you do when your phone dies and you get lost without your directions?

We all need power to travel to new places. Sure, perhaps you have one USB port. You could get an adapter that converts one USB port into four, but the chances are those charges will be slow. That's if you even have that USB port.

That's where power banks come in. Zendure A8 QC has 26,800 mAh of power will charge any of your devices several times, and even charge up to four devices at once with 4 USB ports. This mighty power bank uses Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 which means it is the fastest charging external battery in the market for its capacity.

If you aren't planning a road trip until after April, perhaps you should consider our upcoming release, the X6 USB-C PD Power Bank & Hub. It's the most versatile USB-C PD power bank made to date.

Designed to charge devices at their maximum speed, the power bank comes with five ports, including a USB-C port which is great for charging new laptops. We have a full post about the X6 USB-C PD power bank, make sure to read it.

Enjoy your Road Trip in 2018

You are guaranteed to have a good time with your friends, music, and power bank to keep your devices charged. Enjoy the open road!

Written by Michael Smolski.

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