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Samsun Galaxy S9 Plus Wireless Charging

The Samsung Galaxy S9 &S9 Plus has hit the market as the hottest new phone, and one of the outstanding features everyone is heatedly discussing is wireless charging.

Normally there are two ways to charge Galaxy S9 battery: using a USB cable (USB charging) or using a wireless charging pad (wireless charging).

The technology of wireless charging has been around awhile, but historically, it’s been more of a trickle charge, not nearly as fast as hooking it up to the wire. However, in recent device generations, wireless charging has gotten a whole lot faster and is becoming a better form of charging.

What does it mean? It means you no longer have to hook your phone up to the wire, damaging your charging port over time. Instead, you can simply set your new Galaxy S9 on a wireless charging pad or stand and your device will automatically charge wirelessly.

Samsung and iPhone Wireless Charging

However, if you do not really know how to look for the right wireless charger when buying a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and S9, it will be tricky to make the right decision. There is a risk in choosing a fast wireless charger and be disappointed when you receive the product. Sometimes decision making isn’t hard if you have friends who have already bought a Galaxy S9 charger and know something about them. It’s better if you master some knowledge on how to choose wireless charger for Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus. Following we’ll give you some info in this regard. Let’s get started.

If you are looking for a wireless charger, it is important to demand a minimum of quality despite the low prices. And with the variety of offers, you can find an excellent wireless charger at a good price. There are a few things to consider when choosing the right model.

First thing you need to consider is WPC certification. This means that the charger has been tested by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). This certification ensures that the induction charger is both safe and complies with the Qi standard. However, a non-certified wireless charger is not necessarily dangerous or non-compliant.

Wireless Charging Samsung Galaxy

The second important factor is charging speed. The Qi is a standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium for wireless power transmission over a distance of up to 40 mm. At the moment, the Qi 1.2 standard supports charging speeds of up to 15 watts but more often we find chargers with powers of 7.5 W or 10 W. A more powerful charger is not necessarily needed.

The third one is the power source. The power cable of the charger base is most often a micro-USB cable. Most induction chargers are delivered without the AC outlet. As with wired charging, the USB charger is very important. A slow adapter will slow down the charging speed. Just as we said before wireless charging is usually slow. And it is always slower than the USB cable charging when the same wall charger is used. So it’s always a good choice to have a USB charger stand by, such as Zendure Charger.

Samsung Galaxy Portable Charger A6PD Zendure

The fourth factor you need to consider is its price. Most wireless chargers cost around $20. Some models cost more than $50, but such a high price is not justified and recommendable.

You may also find the design of the wireless charger important. A charger can be an object of stylish design. Most chargers allow you to lay the handset flat. But other models allow you to position the phone vertically.

Last thing is the brand. As we all know a recognized brand is an important benchmark in choosing a wireless charger. For example, the Zendure brand is known for its excellent portable chargers and accessories at affordable prices. We manufacture portable chargers, cables, travel adaptors, wireless chargers and more.

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Zendure Q3 Wireless Charging Pad

The Q3 Wireless Charger has 7.5W rapid charging for Qi-enabled devices. Anti-slip 360-degree silicone rubber cover protects and keeps your phone properly aligned while charging. A soft LED light and no noise from the charger make sit the perfect bedside charger. Q3 even delivers power directly through cases up to 6 mm thick (including OtterBox).

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