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Galaxy S9 Wireless Charging

With no need to plug in a compatible cord, a wireless charger saves time in plugging and avoids the broken cable troubles. However, as every coin has two sides, a normal wireless charger always costs you more time in charging. As the unveiled Galaxy S9 announced its supports for both wireless and wired charging, what will you prefer? Let’s first get some comparisons.

Wired Charging

Phone Charging Time Comparison Test Chart

The new S9 support Samsung’s Fast Adaptive Charge and come with a fast charger in the box. Here is a picture for the detailed information about wired charging. As it is shown on the picture, it takes 107 minutes to charge a Galaxy S9. But how long can it be used? According to the data, Galaxy S9 lasts for 7h and 23 minutes after a full charge, which seems satisfying. In comparison, Galaxy S9+ goes with a higher 3500 mAh battery capacity; its charging time is lower than Galaxy S9 for two minutes yet lasts even longer than S9 at 8h and 5 minutes.

Wireless Charging

As for wireless charging, Tech Guy once used the convertible fast charging stand from Samsung and found that it took around 2 hours and a half to wirelessly charge Galaxy S9.

Actually,compared with wired charge, wireless charger appears less effective, which means that you have to spend more time on charging. It is quiet annoying when you are in a hurry for a phone call yet the battery cannot work in just a few minutes. Based upon this, fast wireless charging appears valuable. Before you choose one for your daily use, you need to know something about fast charging with your Samsung Galaxy S9. For example, what is fast charging, how it works and what kind of factors might affect fast charging.

You may not realize the convenience of fast charging until one day you have to go out in 10 minutes and the battery of your phone is less than 20%. Once the full charge can be finished in 10 minutes, you will be able to put aside the power bank and go out without hesitation. Here some recommendations for Galaxy S9 wireless charging.

Zendure Q3 Wireless Charger ($27.99)

Zendure Q3 Wireless Charger for Smartphones with Qi

Zendure Q3 provides 10w fast charging for Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7/S7 Edge/ S6 Edge Plus/ Note 8 series devices. It is small and convenient enough to be brought to anywhere. Covered with 360° anti-slip rubber, together with its built-in foreign object detection, overheating overcharging prevention and short-circuit protection features, Zendure ensures safety to the utmost degree.

Samsung Fast Wireless Charging Stand ($69.99)

Samsung Wireless Charging Stand

This is an official fast wireless charging stand at its newest model for 2018 with a slightly different design. There are several reasons for you to choose it; one is the fast charge it provides, more effective than normal wireless charging; the other is the built-in fan which can cool your phone during fast charging. Still, the wireless charging stand is Qi compatible and means that any Qi-certified products can take advantage of it, including the Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

As it is mentioned above, normal wireless charger take even much time than a wired charger. Besides, a fast wireless charger always accompanies with higher price, thereby, for the consideration of budget friendly, here are some wired chargers for recommendation.

Zendure 40W Wall Charger

Zendure 40W is a competitive product with 4 ports for output, one of them being a Quick Charge 2.0 USB output which is capable of delivering up to 9V/2A ,12V/1.5A (18W MAX) current to compatible devices. The other three ports can automatically fine tune the power output at also satisfying speeds (up to 5V/2.4A per port, and 5V/4.0A in total). It is durable, compact and lightweight, a good choice for traveling and home use.

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Zendure USB High-speed Wall Charger

Zendure High Speed Wall Charger

The Zendure A-Series 18W 1-Port USB High-Speed Wall Charger is specially designed for people who travel a lot. It is one of the most durable, compact and lightweight chargers on the market, also, an ideal charger for travel or home use.

Passport Global Travel Adapter

Zendure Passport Global Travel Adapter

Zendure Passport is the world's first global travel adapter with auto-resetting fuse. The auto-resetting fuse allows Passport to recover from overloads without service or replacement. It covers more than 150 countries with USA/UK/EUROPE/AUS/CA/JP plugs, which and be worked in USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Central America, etc. There are four USB ports on it, which allows you to charge four devices at the same time.

To sum up, using the original wired charger can save time when charging Samsung Galaxy S9. When you are interested in wireless charging, choosing wireless fast charging is more preferable.

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