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Ryanair is one of the most popular budget airlines in Europe. Their tickets are sometimes cheaper than a price of a Starbucks, and they have flights to most European destinations. But while Ryanair offers great pricing, you won’t find anyone that enjoys flying on this airline.

Flying with Ryanair is not for the experience, but simply about getting from point A to B. With tiny yellow seats and a huge emergency poster staring you down, you just can’t wait for your flight to be over.

But just because you want an affordable flight, doesn’t mean you can’t make the best of it. Here are some essentials you need when flying Ryanair.

Book the Emergency Seat

You may find your legs don't really fit anywhere on Ryanair flights. Maybe they forgot you have them. Unless you sit in the emergency seat or pay extra for an extra legroom seat , you will have no room for your legs.

You can pay for an emergency seat or extra legroom seat, which will sometimes be more expensive than your ticket, or you can try a clever trick.


When flying with Ryanair, the worst seats are given away first when passengers choose random seat allocation. So if you don't check-in until four or five hours before your flight, you will be left with the best seats unless they happen to be all sold out.

Whether you buy it or get it by waiting, the emergency seat has the most space. Space that’s needed if you want to be comfortable when flying with Ryanair. You can barely even open a laptop without that extra room.

Get Earbuds


While emergency seats have the most room, they are beside the engines which can be very loud. You also may encounter some crying babies on the flight, or other loud passengers. To block all of this noise out, you need some noise canceling earbuds.

Earbuds companies such as Jabra can make a difference in removing that noise. Whether by playing some music or listening to a podcast, these will do the trick for blocking out external noise.

A Travel Pillow

Travel Pillow

The seats on Ryanair can be uncomfortable, especially when you are trying to sleep. If you want to be comfortable when flying with Ryanair, get a travel pillow. Your neck will thank you for it. While you can survive a 50-minute fly without one, 2 or 3-hour flights can cause a lot of neck pain.

Bring a sleeping mask and your noise canceling earbuds, and you are all set for a nap on the way to your destination.

Bring a Power Bank

Ryanair doesn’t offer WiFi on their flights, which means you will have to plan to stay offline. They also don’t offer any entertainment unless you consider the scratch cards they offer entertainment. But as long as you download offline movies and TV shows, you will will have in-flight entertainment.

While no access to WiFi on Ryanair will save you energy on your device, there are no USB sockets either. If your phone or tablet is out of battery, you are out of luck.

Additionally, if you have a connecting flight and need to board with an e-ticket, your phone better be charged. With Ryanair, you will have to pay a fee to print your ticket out.

To avoid hassles and extra charges, you need a power bank.

The Zendure A8 QC Power Bank is a perfect choice for traveling. With 26,800 mAh of power, this portable charger passes airline battery requirements, meaning you can bring it in your carry-on baggage.

The Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 will charge your devices at the fastest speed possible which means that if you are on a 50-minute flight your phone will charge fully before you land. Plus, with four USB ports all of your devices will stay charged and ready to go.

Be Comfortable When Flying With Ryanair

You can be uncomfortable. You can also try to make the best of it and make yourself feel much better. If you have power, a nice source of music, more space, and a non-hurting neck.

Written by Michael Smolski.

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