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Traveling is the greatest way of releasing ourselves from life’s daily pressures. Living in a modern digital information society, we couldn’t imagine how the travel would be without mobile phones.

On the road, we book airplane tickets by Booking, book hotels via Airbnb, take an Uber car, navigate to the destination through Google map, pay by Paypal and do almost everything online. But for your mobile phone to help you on your travels, it must be charged.

Too often, your phone power is below 20%. You’ve switched into low battery mode, your phone brightness is turned down all the way and you’re hoping the battery could survive until you make it to an outlet. Despite your best efforts, your phone will likely die. This can be very troubling for your trip.

A portable charger is a wise solution to the problem above that occurs to many travelers. With a smartphone-sized device, you could charge your phone, laptop, tablet and any other USB supported device. In Zendure’s power banks series, there is a new product that suits all your traveling needs.

Zendure A8PD 26,800mAh Long-Lasting Portable Charger

There are many power banks available on the market, but not many of them are the best fit for traveling. The brand-new A8PD has many creative improvements when compared to other portable chargers. Here it’s recommended is because it has several features to the core for travelers.

  1. Huge capacity: Its 26800mAh sky-high capacity is one of the highest capacities among all the power bank brands. The power bank capacity will indicate how many times you can charge your devices. For example, an iPhone X has a battery capacity of 2,716mAh, which means A8PD could charge your iPhone X 7.3 times. Larger devices, unsurprisingly, have much larger batteries – A8PD could also charge the new MacBook 1.7 times. Although A8PD has a remarkably high capacity, it’s compact and easy to hold, fitting nicely in any pocket or bag.

  1. The first 5-Port PD Power Bank: Dual-port is out of date since we need to charge so many devices. A8PD is the first 5-Port USB PD power bank. You could charge 5 devices simultaneously, including Nintendo Switch, iPhone, MacBook, most Type-C PD laptops, Android phones and tablets. Share it with other fellow travelers, you’ll make more friends.
  2. Lightning-fast charge: When traveling, the super-fast charge A8PD portable charger is the perfect companion. It charges the newest iPhone X up to 50% in just 30 minutes, while A8PD itself could be charged fully in just 3-4 hours. With its max 30W power delivery, you could charge your device in shorter time and then use it conveniently.
  3. LED indicators: This digital display shows you the power status and charging progress, which reminds you how much exact capacity remains. This will allow you to be better prepared, thus you’ll have a smooth journey.

The Zendure brand is recommended by Tech Advisor, it has been trusted by more than 100k fans worldwide, and its multi-protect safety system ensures complete protection for you and your devices. The newest products of Zendure represent its highest level in production technology. Choose a far more long-lasting power bank, perhaps you’ve chosen better experience for your trip.

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