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If you're a gaming enthusiast or you like playing THE LEGEND OF ZELDA, you'd love to get a Nintendo Switch, which is a popular console product widely known. Nintendo Switch, or people call it NS, is a flagship product of Nintendo game company in March 2017. The console uses the integrated design of home console and handheld game player. It supports 1920*1080 TV output and 1280*720 palm output. Game consoles are very niche products, however, Nintendo Switch sold 10 million worldwide in just 9 months after its launch. Why is Nintendo Switch so popular?

First of all, of course, game is always at the heart of a console. Nintendo Switch has the toughest gaming lineup and it covers some limited-editions. As the world's strongest first party gaming provider, Nintendo showed incomparable power. It pushed "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wilderness" and "Mario: Odyssey” two full marks games just in the first year. Its other works such as ARMS, the Carriage 8, Super Mario Odyssey and Jet Fighter 2 also got great reputation.

Nowadays people are keen on playing games in their fragmentation time. For game lovers could play games at anytime and anywhere, here we’d like to recommend a gaming power bank for Nintendo Switch, as there is a common problem that playing games consumes battery power dramatically.

Zendure X6: Best Gaming Partner of Nintendo Switch

X6 is Zendure’s new portable charger which is now crowdfunding on Indiegogo. It is the most versatile power bank you may have ever seen, featured in and highly recommended by GadgetFlow, Shouts, 15 Minute News, Geeky Gadgets, Cision, etc. “The X6 not only has the brute capacity to satisfy the most demanding gadgets, but it is also the most sophisticated power bank there is in the market” Shouts commented.

Three Precise and Advanced Charging Technologies

Some sophisticated technologies used in X6 stand for the newest and highest technology level of Zendure. In general, X6 has three precise technologies for your best charging experience, fast-charging, pass-through charging and X-Charge.

Frist, X6 provides full-speed charging for the latest devices, which is up to 45W PD output. For example, iPhone 8 gets better performance from X6 than its native charger, amazingly 300% faster.

Second, the pass-through charging or we call it UPS mode. Thanks to that X6 can charge your favorite gadgets while the X6 itself is being charged, which is really useful when both the power bank and devices are out of power but there is only one plug.

Third, X-Charge low-power charging mode provides almost unlimited low output, which allows you to charge smaller devices such as wearable devices. It's a great feature for people who love outdoors and have wearable devices.

Two Highlights for Gaming Gadgets

As to charging game consoles, there are two vital aspects a gamer lover would consider, colossal capacity and more outputs. These are just the two highlights of X6. One is its whopping 20,000 mAh capacity, powerful enough to extend your gadgets for several times. Though it packs such a large battery X6 itself can be charged in only 3 hours with the complementing 63W charger. Another highlight is its five outputs, you are able to charge five devices simultaneously, your Nintendo Switch, your mobile phones and laptops, etc. Share it with your friends and they will love it too.

Light and Small Body

Even with all these great features above, Zendure X6 is still the lightest and smallest PD portable charger out there with similar specs. It weighs only 386g, which provides an ideal profile for you to put in your bag and bring anywhere easily. That’s all due to its advanced electronics and high energy density battery cells, the six lithium-ion battery cells in a 2x3 configuration.

Zendure is a brand that always collects a wish-list of features for the next best power banks for users. As people especially young people like to spend more and more time on games nowadays, Zendure has also paid much attention to it and is keen on producing the best gaming portable power.

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