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9 years ago at the CES, Noel Lee from Monster famously tested the Zendure A-Series battery by running it over with his signature Segway. This year he was back to witness Zendure once again blazing a trail in eco-friendly home energy systems. Giving supporters what they asked for, a clean, efficient power system, that gives you autonomy over your energy from, quite frankly the best equipped and most compatible home energy system out there. It’s dual voltage, which means it can power everything and anything, from your phones, devices to your electric car, your RV an even an entire family home for over a week. It is equipped with the latest semi-solid state battery technology, which allows it to store and distribute power when and where it's needed in the most efficient way possible.

Zendure made a big impact this year and the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was no different. Zendure, now an established leader in innovative and trusted home energy systems, almost stole the show with all the attention from the likes of TechCrunch, NoteBookChecker, MacRumors, and Make Use Of, all making sure to showcase The Zendure Superbase V. As well as being lauded as being able to “do just about everything” the Zendure SuperBase V also won this years CES Innovation Award.

The SuperBase V also boasts a high compatibility with other energy systems, making it an ideal option for people who are looking to upgrade their existing energy systems. The device is compatible with solar panels, wind turbines, and other forms of renewable energy, making it a perfect addition to homes and businesses that are looking to become more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

The SuperBase V also has the added benefit of being highly compatible with other energy systems, making it a complete environment of energy management.

Another feature of the SuperBase V is its dual voltage capabilities, which means that it can power a wide range of devices and equipment, from smartphones and laptops to electric cars and RVs. This makes it an ideal option for people who are on the go, such as campers and travelers. The device can charge smartphones and other devices multiple times over, ensuring that you always have a source of power when you need it most.

With a sleek and modern design, it is a stylish addition to any home or office.

Innovative, powerful, and eco-friendly, the SuperBase V is the ultimate solution for taking control of your energy needs. With cutting-edge technology and dual voltage capabilities, this award-winning home energy system allows you to store and distribute power at your own convenience, providing a green, efficient, and reliable source of power for your home or business. The future of energy management is here, and the SuperBase V is leading the charge.

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