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The World Cup 2018 is only a month away. As a big fan of World Cup, are you prepared for the live streaming? FIFA has promised the most extensive coverage of this World Cup around the world this year. For the first time in history FIFA World Cup will have extensive online streaming on various websites and mobile apps. Get ready to cheer for the best players through your screen!

No one wants to miss a single minute of it; you will go mad if a low battery alert pop up on your screen. Be prepared and learn how you can get rid of battery alarm during world cup season to avoid being interrupted by it. Read on for the following suggestions.

Disable Your Battery Notification

There is no doubt that you can just click the dismiss icon to close the annoying battery alarm pop-up, but you will definitely be interrupted, which may let you miss the most wonderful moment. Or you can choose to set it to disabled so you get no notifications at all. But it may turn out that your phone runs out of juice without warning while you are watching the World Cup show. Don’t worry! There is a perfect way to get you out of the battery alarm dilemma — prepare your phone with a reliable external battery!

Or, Get a Portable Battery 

To extend a smartphone battery life is always a power bank’s mission. And Zendure’s A-series chargers have never let me down. Zendure is supported by a very creative team which guarantees a series of reliable products. As one of the backers of their A-series chargers on Kickstarter, I know how many fans they have won by their reliability and responsibility.

Let’s get back to the low battery alarm dilemma. To avoid low battery warning, you need an external battery with big volume but small size. From Zendure’s A-series, you can choose 10000mAh A3 portable charger or other A-series chargers with even bigger capacity (Zendure also provides 16750mAh A5 charger, 20100mAh A6 PD charger and 26800mAh A8 QC charger.)

A3 Portable Battery for the Win

A3 portable charger is designed with two USB outputs so you can share it with your companion — no one will miss a single World Cup detail! Each port can automatically detect your device and fine-tunes the output to charge it at the fastest speed. With 10000mAh capacity, it is only 70% of the size of your iPhone 7. Thanks to the use of top quality components, the A3 is one of the most compact and lightweight external battery. It is very durable as well, I have never worried about it will be damaged by my accidental dropping or bumping as it has been proved to withstand a car driving over it! I have never left it behind since I bought it.

It can easily extend your phone usage for 3 to 4 times and supports unique charge-through functions, which frees your phone from battery issues whenever time you want to use it for watching the World Cup!

Enjoy the World Cup!

Now with the best charger, you need no other help but to wait for the show to begin! But how much you know about the World Cup 2018? For your convenience, you can directly click here to know everything you want to know about FIFA World Cup including the time of live streaming, the 32 teams and the best players etc. Most importantly, here you can know how to watch FIFA World Cup online free! It tells you TV channels broadcasting FIFA World Cup live worldwide and several ways to access live coverage such as official live streaming feeds through VPN and some free online streaming sites.

Get ready to cheer for your favorite team, fully charge you phone, buy an A3 portable charger, and invite your best friends! No more battery alarm worries during the game. Just get ready your favorite snacks and gather together to enjoy the best-ever World Cup in June and July 2018!

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