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The world is changing rapidly and more advanced technology is getting closer and closer to us. What will our life be like in the next three to five years? Do you want a glimpse into the future? Let's go to CES. American Consumer Technology Association holds CES every year, which was founded in 1967 and has a history of 50 years. It has developed into one of the largest, highest level and most influential consumer electronics exhibitions in the world.

Over the years, CES has attracted outstanding traditional consumer electronics manufacturers and IT core manufacturers. The advanced technology concepts and products they have brought with them have attracted many high-tech equipment lovers, users and industry audiences, therefore CES can be said to be the vane of the electronics industry every year. This time, CES 2019 has attracted about 170,000 visitors from 130 countries and regions. It can be seen that this exhibition enjoys a high reputation worldwide. So, how could we get to CES 2019, and what are the interesting things to look forward to? Here, we have detailed some standout products that will be announced at CES Las Vegas.

CES 2019's pavilions are the Las Vegas convention and exhibition center (LVCC), Westgate and Sands. It’ll continue from January 8 to January 11, a total of four days. Generally speaking, the products exhibited include the following:

  1. Consumer electronic products: mobile phones, computers, etc.
  2. Communication hardware, software and services: mobile phones and computer accessories, etc.
  3. Related electronic components and materials: sockets and home appliance accessories, etc.
  4. Other related consumer electronic products and technologies.

All in all, the products exhibited at CES are almost all related to 3C. They represent the most advanced technologies and concept of the enterprises, and also represent fun, trendy and high technology! CES 2019 will attract 4,500 companies to participate in, including Bosch, SONY, Zendure, Intel, Google, and others. So, what are the highlights to look forward to?

Demo Unreleased Products from Zendure

Zendure, as a brand focusing on charging accessories for many years, will showcase some of its newest innovations during CES 2019 from 10:00am to 8:30PM January 8-10 at the Venetian meeting room. Some innovation products and true blockbusters will be shown at the event. One is its latest A8PD Pro, we know A8PD is salable for its largest capacity, 26,800mAh, while A8PD is much more amazing. It has two USB-C PD ports and it could provide up to 160W DC output! 

Another is Zendure’s brand-new Super-Hub. It’s not only just a simple USB-C Hub, but also a USB-C PD adapter, and a wireless charger! To know more about Zendure’s CES exhibition, click Of course, the best way is to join the exhibition. You will see the Zendure products used in real-world scenarios and will be able to test out the latest Zendure products themselves. There will also be press events and product demonstrations.

Driverless Car from Bosch

Bosch, which has won six CES 2019 innovation awards, proposes a driverless solution based on the current situation of frequent traffic accidents. At CES 2019, Bosch will present its integrated service driverless electric bus concept car for the first time, giving audiences the opportunity to experience new travel modes on the spot.

8K & OLED from SONY

With 8K video broadcasting set for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, some leading technology TV brands are releasing 8K TV products. As the endorsement of high technology, SONY's TV products have always been an important part of CES. It is customary to predict consumer trends for the year based on new products released by SONY. While SONY's CES 2019 details are still unknown, it's possible to speculate that there will be two key areas worth highlighting: the hot 8K and the powerful OLED TV.

5G and Internet of Things

It is no exaggeration to say that 5G is the hottest topic at present, ranging from whether consumers can use 5G mobile phones in 2019 to Huawei and Qualcomm's 5G competition. 5G is closely related to the development of driverless cars, AI, AR, VR and other technologies. At CES 2019, we will see the latest applications of 5G in mobile phones, IOT and other aspects, and it is entirely reasonable to believe that 5G will build a new life that we cannot predict at present.

Every year at CES, there will be a gathering of high technology companies from many countries around the world. They will communicate with you and share with you the products they turn into from their fantastic ideas. It's fair to say that, when you arrive at CES, there is only what you can't image, nothing you can't see!

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