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Zendure’s X6 Portable Charger has collected $142,000 USD in its recent crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, capturing the attention of more than two thousand backers.

X6 features a storage capacity of 20,100mAh and 45W input/output thanks to its use of advanced Power Delivery (PD) technology.

X6 has a variety of useful functions that make it the most innovating power bank available. The proprietary X-Charge low power mode allows X6 to work with devices that usually do not draw enough power to keep a traditional power bank active. X6 boasts pass-through charging with seamless switching, allowing it to function as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in several useful applications including home network management and security systems. The four high-power USB outputs allow the user to charge several devices at once, and the digital display indicates the remaining charge.

Zendure also announced a USB hub feature for data transfer during the crowdfunding campaign, a welcome upgrade to a much-desired product.

Zendure will begin shipping X6 to backers in the coming weeks, and the new power bank will be available for sale through online retailers shortly thereafter.

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