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An engineering expert with decades of experience at major companies including Kodak and Nortek, Jim Haflinger will advise the product research and development team on the company's expansion into sustainable energy.

PALO ALTO, Calif.Jan. 21, 2022  -- Zendure USA Inc. today announced that it has hired Jim Haflinger to the role of Chief Technical Advisor. As the Silicon Valley portable charger company expands into the sustainable energy sector, Haflinger will lend his decades of electrical engineering experience to Zendure's research and development team.

Prior to joining Zendure, Jim Haflinger was a Senior Principal Engineer at Nortek, where for 11 years he designed many products for home automation, security, personal safety, and solar backup power. He served Kodak for over six years as a Lead Electrical Engineer for the company's printer division, designing printheads and multi-protocol interfaces. The role had him coordinating product design and manufacturing in Europe, Asia, and the United States. He was also the engineering representative for the Customer Experience team to make the products more user friendly and easier to install and use.

In total, Jim Haflinger has over 30 years of experience designing a wide variety of products, including SCSI interfaces and diagnostic equipment, data management tools, and switching power supplies for medical applications.

Haflinger holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Santa Clara University and owns over a dozen patents on a variety of technologies. He is a member of IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and the Electric Auto Association and is the author of the 2nd edition of "Making SCSI Work".

Recently, the company raised over $1.3 million in crowdfunding for their new SuperBase Pro power station. This year at CES, Zendure set up a high-tech camping experience for visitors and debuted even more energy storage solutions and solar power generators and has plans to further expand into sustainable energy and home power management.

With Jim Haflinger's product development and engineering expertise, the company hopes to come up with innovative solutions to bolster and accelerate the green energy revolution, including next-gen solar power and energy storage products.

"We are elated to have Jim advising our team, and the timing couldn't be better," said Zendure CEO and founder Bryan Liu. "With his immense experience in all things electric, Jim will help us lead the global charge toward a sustainable future."

Zendure is a sustainable energy company located in Silicon Valley in the United States and the Guangdong - Hong Kong - Macao Greater Bay Area in China. Since its establishment, Zendure has continuously launched innovative products, made rapid breakthroughs in the core technologies of energy storage and power supplies, and continues to bring pleasant surprises to the user experience. The company recently received a multi-million dollar series-A round of funding from a joint investment from Shanghai GP Capital and YOTRIO group.

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