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Whenever we need to buy an electronic devices or accessory, it’s inevitable to make comparison so as to choose the best one for ourselves. Zendure and Anker are two competitive developers in battery charger field. Today let’s take a look at these two companies to obtain a general impression on them.


Anker innovation is being led by its 5 key brands: Anker, Eufy, Soundcore and Nebula.

Anker is the global leader in charging technology. This includes wireless charging, car charging, and our best-selling portable and wall chargers. Anker is pioneering Power Delivery technology to charge phones, tablets, and laptops at unprecedented speeds.

EUFY is creating a new generation of connected devices and appliances that will simplify the smart-home experience and make it more accessible. This includes Eufy Genie, an Alexa-powered speaker, and a growing list of smart appliances such as lights, vacuums, and smart plugs.

Soundcore breaks audio illusions to create speakers and earphones that spark real emotions. This includes the Flare series, 360° speakers with a beat-driven lightshow, and the Spirit series, the world’s first truly sweatproof earphones.

NEBULA represents a new and exciting class of smart, portable entertainment devices. This includes Nebula Mars and Nebula Capsule—the world’s first smart, portable cinema. Nebula combines smart capability with immersive audio and visuals.


Zendure USA Inc. was founded in 2013 by Tom Haflinger and Bryan Liu. Their mission is to deliver top-quality consumer electronics that exceed consumer expectations using high-end materials, premiere product development partners and user-centric design. Zendure’s first product was the A-Series External Battery, which was supported by over two thousand people in the one-month Kickstarter campaign, making it one of the most successful external batteries projects out there.

They strive to keep innovating, designing trustworthy products, and improving people’s lives.

From Research to Products

The key to building a great product is to focus on the people who will be using it, so they started with consumer and market research. What do people look for when they’re deciding which battery to buy? What factors determine satisfaction with the product?

The Zendure team began by looking at existing products on the market, getting an idea of how well they were selling, and finding out what people were saying about them after their purchase. They read over a thousand reviews on a variety of websites. Coffee helped.

Guiding Principles of Products

There are 6 outstanding features about Zendure products, such as durability, energy efficiency, charge-through technology, auto power-on, long term stand-by and dual USB output. But today we are going to just name a few.

First is the durability. Most lithium-ion batteries are capable of being charged and discharged about 500 times. This is sort of the "life expectancy" of the internal components. The primary job of the exterior is to protect the internal components over the life of the product. Using the world’s most advanced industrial design and molding techniques, our engineering team was able to build an external battery that has unprecedented durability, inside and out.

Zendure A-Series batteries are made from a durable composite material (Polycarbonate +ABS) that’s used in a vast array of other resilient products, including high-end suitcases, and the recent iPhone 5C. The exterior shell is reinforced by support ridges to resist warping. Between the front and back covers is a shock-resistant rubber belt (polycarbonate + TPU) to help protect the battery from drops.

Another appealing feature is long-term standby. If you’re planning to purchase a battery to use as a backup in your home emergency kit, you’d probably rather not have to "top off" the charge every couple of weeks so it will be ready when you need it. The Zendure A-Series battery can maintain up to 95% of its charge after six months without use, so it won’t let you down in an emergency.

Zendure at CES

In this year’s electronic expo CES held in Las Vegas for 2019. Zendure will showcase some of its newest innovations during CES 2019 with an immersive exhibition at The Venetian Resort. The exhibition will take place from 10:00am to 8:30PM January 8-10.

Many previously unannounced products will be front and center at the event.

Different brands have their own focuses and priorities. So as a consumer, the necessary thing we should do is to match our needs with their focus and find the products that suit ourselves the best.

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