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When you bought your iPhone or iPad, you probably got a standard Lightning cable in the box with it. So why do you need a spare cable anyways? Here below are two major reasons for a spare USB cable.

Why Isn't Apple's Cable Good Enough?

Over the years, we have learned to trust Apple as a brand that produces high quality products that we all love to use. Their products feature the best-in-class designs, have elegant and innovative ways of interaction. However there’s one particular piece of hardware from Apple that has consistently disappointed customers ever since it was first introduced, which is the Apple’s official lightning cable, the ones that ship in-the-box with iOS devices and the ones that are sold in Apple Stores worldwide.


Aside from the quality, if you want to be able to charge your device at work or in different rooms without having to carry that cable around with you, you’ll want to invest in a spare cable or two. You may also prefer something a little longer, so you can use your iPhone comfortably while it’s plugged in, or something a little stronger that can survive tugs, bumps, or the unwelcome attention of a pet and child. Let’s take a look at the best Lightning cables around.

If you have owned an iOS device for a while, you might have realized by now that official lightning cables from Apple get damaged pretty easily. They aren’t quite what you’d recognize as quality products, even by non-Apple standards.

Why Do Apple Lightning Cords Get Damaged So Easily?

According to a former Apple employee, Apple’s greater preference to Design over Engineering results in vulnerable lightning cables. And somehow, the Design team at Apple doesn’t quite like the appearance of strain relief used in conventional USB cables, which in fact, aids in their durability.

Without strain relief, Apple’s lightning cables get repeatedly twisted at harsh angles. And as a result they eventually snap.

To relieve yourself from the crisis of not having a working lightning cable to charge and sync your iOS devices at all times, you must ensure to get a good quality third party lightning cable that is durable. So today our recommendation is Zendure SuperCord — Durable USB Cable with Lifetime Warranty.

Since the launch of A-Series crush-proof external batteries, Zendure has been collecting a wishlist for our next high-quality products. Many of our fans have been asking us to make super-duty USB cable that complements our durable power banks.

After one year of development, designing different braiding methods, trying different quality materials and thousands of tests, we’ve created the ultimate durable and stylish cable that comes with lifetime warranty – Zendure SuperCord. Next let’s see part of its outstanding construction and function.

Zendure SuperCord USB Cable is wrapped in Nylon and reinforced with incredible durability and strength, in addition to meeting the demands of your life in constant motion.

Reinforced Cable Construction

To provide ultimate strength for SuperCord, one of the key ingredients is a resilient fiber that provides added durability for a range of products, such as bullet resistant vests, crash helmets, extreme sports gear, and more.

To provide all-around protection for the whole cable, we made certain to reinforce the cable’s construction with advanced technology for enhanced durability and flexibility:

- 400D fibers reinforce the inner wiring for added strength.

- 1050D individual strands add durability and protection.

Bent 50,000+ in Testing

With reinforced cable construction, Zendure SuperCord USB Cable is certificated by TÜV Lab, proving that it is capable of withstanding over 50,000 flexes at 180 degrees. This is ten times stronger than ordinary cables.

Superior Strain Relief & Reinforced Connector

Made from soft and flexible material, this strain relief helps absorb stress and reinforce the junction between the cable and connector to prevent separation. Strong, fire resistant PVC protects the circuit board and chipset inside with a stainless steel connector.

Zendure SuperCord is available on Indiegogo now.

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