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Portable power banks are a must-have item in our daily life, especially for millennials and the post-2000s generation, Gen Z. Millennials, most of whom are college students nowadays, were born almost at the same time as the computer and grew up with the golden age of internet and mobile internet. They are familiar with the internet world where everything is connected, and mobile phones have become a part of daily life. Young people can’t imagine life without phones.

However, we always find that our mobile phones and other electronic devices easily get powered off as we use them more and more frequently. The request of people asking for longer battery life and the bottleneck of battery technology are contradictory, that’s why we say power banks are must-haves and increasingly welcomed by people particularly students who are young and active on internet.

Here, we recommend personalized power banks to students who have different interests to meet their different needs.

>> For Students Who Love Games or Videos

In their spare time, most students choose to surf on internet to relax. Their choices are slightly different, girls prefer binge-watching while boys likes getting together and playing games. Nowadays, mobile games are popular and people are used to watching videos by mobile phone at any time and any place. For students who are keen on games or videos, they ask for power banks with high capacity and quick charging.

Zendure A8PD: Highest Capacity, More Games and Videos

A8PD is recommended by Tech Advisor magazine as the 2018 top portable charger. Here, it’s claimed that it’s best for students who are games or videos lovers because of its colossal battery, quick charging and stylish design.

  • Largest battery: Thanks to the highest 26,800 mAh capacity of Zendure A-series power banks, which is the rare high capacity in the whole market, the A8PD monster can easily extend your phone usage more than 7 times to support you playing several rounds of games.
  • Quickest charging speed: With its 30W power delivery, it provides the fastest possible charging speed, specifically, it charges iPhone X, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus up to 50% in just 30 minutes.
  • Fashionable appearance: Stylish black and silver are available now, you could get one on Amazon or Zendure official website.

>>For Students Who Love Traveling or Hanging Out

Students who usually travel or do outdoor activities may love taking pictures and videos, which consume much battery power, at that time power banks helps a lot. Zendure, the most trusted brand by airline industry, is easy for travelers to take to the skies.

Zendure A6PD: Small Body, Big Power

For travelers or outdoor activities lovers, the portability and practical performance of a power bank are the top two considerations. Luckily, A6PD fulfills these two requirements.

  • Small body with excellent performance: Thanks to its convenient size, it’s easy to put in your bag. Though it’s small enough for you to bring anywhere you like, it performs superior to many other products in the market: 45W high power delivery for USB Type-C PD enabled laptops and devices, 20100 mAh Capacity, crush-proof design, the certified Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology, etc.
  • Cost-effective: With so many highlights mentioned above, A6PD is sold only $59.95, a worthwhile product for students to live a thrifty lifestyle.

Students want technologically advanced items and cost-effectiveness. They like to play games in a virtual world to take the study pressure off. They enjoy binge watching television and movies to take their mind off studies.

Based on this we suggest the a portable power bank: the most advanced, high-powered and versatile one students can buy. Portable power banks are best for travel lovers due to its high size-to-capacity compactness. In a word, we only commend the best fit products for users. For users who have passion, it’s worthwhile to enjoy the best technology to experience the world.

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