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According to Samsung official announcement, it will unveil its new model on August 9 in New York during the packed event. Note 9 is getting closer, and soon all will be revealed. One of the most interesting developments is the new superpowers of the S-Pen. The latest leak reveals more details of the new abilities of this stylus.


The S Pen is the primary reason for the success of the Note line of smart phones and tablets. The special stylus brings added functionality to Samsung’s devices, allowing users to quickly take onscreen notes, draw pictures and much more.

Although it is almost there, it doesn't mean that the leaks have stopped flowing. The latest tweet details some exciting new features about the inimitable S-Pen: the signature stylus of the Galaxy Note line.

First the Galaxy Note9 SPen can be used to control long-range self-timer, control music playback, because it is a Bluetooth device, it will do something unrelated to the pen.

Rumor has it that the new S-Pen would be an active Bluetooth device capable of many additional tasks such as starting and stopping remote timers, controlling music playback and other non pen design related functions. This will probably be one of the most important changes that will affect the new Galaxy coming in August.

Except the most concerned new feature S Pen, other specs about Samsung Note 9 ranging from design, battery and charging are also eye-catching.


Concerned that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are a little too small for your hands? Want a smart phone that borders on the comically large? Then the Galaxy Note range is for you. We know the Galaxy Note 9 will be big, but will it be much different from the Note 8?

The latest rumors surrounding the Note 9 suggest it will be an almost replica of its predecessor. The leak of what looks like a promotional image for the phone shows a device very similar to the Galaxy Note 8, based on the wording along the top. Take note of the horizontal camera array, S Pen stylus holder on the base, a headphone jack, a USB Type-C charging port, and a speaker grille.

Battery and Charging

The Galaxy Note is Samsung’s productivity powerhouse phone, and we’d expect the Note 9 to have battery size to match.

While we’re yet to see official specs from Samsung, rumor has it that Samsung will use a 4,000mAh cell to keep the Note 9 up and running.

FCC (Federal Communications Commission) documentation for the SM-960F — believed to be the Galaxy Note 9 — says wireless charging will be one of the device’s features. This news follows another recent FCC approved product from Samsung — a new, more powerful wireless charger. The charger, with a 12v/2.1amp power output, was spotted by and is more powerful than the existing Samsung wireless charger. What does this mean? It means the full charging time for Note 9’s potentially larger battery will be shorter. However, any new wireless charger probably won’t come with the phone, and will instead be sold separately. For wireless charger, there is an alternative as well, the Zendure Q3 wireless charger.

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