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Apple released its iPhone X last year and it was the first time that its price exceeded $1,000. Compared to iPhone X, the newly announced OnePlus 6 starts from only $529 but with a similar design to iPhone X. When comes to the large price gap between OnePlus 6 and iPhone X, the next question most people will ask is their difference. In this article, let’s compare their design, specs, and main features, so you can evaluate whether its the OnePlus 6 or iPhone X you should buy.

OnePlus 6 VS iPhone X Design

Both OnePlus 6 and iPhone X come with a glass body and are designed with an on-trend notch. Although they look similar in appearance, they have different displays. OnePlus 6 has a 0.48 inch larger display than iPhone X which is 6.28 inches. But this is not such an obvious difference as it won’t cause any inconvenience with a relatively smaller display while playing. Glass backs of both phones are well designed to ensure a quick charging, while there is more reasons for iPhone to adopt glass material. As we all know, iPhone X is wireless charging enabled and to support this feature, a glass back is a must-have premise. However, OnePlus 6 doesn’t support wireless charging, it continuously adopts its official dash charger instead which is one of the best fast chargers available on the market.

With dual cameras being a new trend on smartphones, we unexpectedly see this feature on both OnePlus 6 and iPhone X. The only difference between them lies in the position, with the OnePlus’ central and the iPhone’s to the left edge. But this is not an obstacle which may lead to a harder purchasing choice between them if both of them equipped with excellent performance.

If you want a phone with fingerprint sensor, then you should buy OnePlus 6 as there is no such a design on iPhone X. Although a Face ID may be secure enough for you, if you prefer to using you fingerprint to unlock your phone instead of your face, you can easily make the choice here.

OnePlus 6 VS iPhone X Specs

The most direct way to see the difference between two things from the aspect of their specs is to compare them in a table. And here it is.


OnePlus 6

iPhone X




Operating System

Android Oreo 8.1

iOS 11





Qualcomm Snapdragon 845

Apple A11


Andreno 630

Apple GPU







Back Camera

Dual 16Mp + 20Mp(f/1.7)

12Mp + 12Mp Telephoto

Front Camera


7Mp f/2.2


5.0 aptX


SIM card

Dual SIM(Nano-SIM, dual stand-by)






USB 3.1, Type-C, Dash charger

Lightning port, fast charging, wireless charging


It is easy to see the difference from the table above. Based on the specs for reference, we can have a deep look at their main features.

OnePlus 6 VS iPhone X Main features

Compared to iPhone X, OnePlus 6 comes with a larger 3300mAh battery capacity, plus its Dash charger, so it can perfectly satisfy your battery needs. However, the lack of wireless charging on OnePlus 6 has become one of the disappointing features. Although Dash charging is fast enough, claimed to last for a full day with only 35 minutes of charging, wireless charging as a trend of charging in the future, is still desirable.

Besides the difference in charging and battery, waterproofing is another feature people discuss most. iPhone X is water resistant with a standard IP 67 rating. OnePlus has made efforts to build its 6 as a waterproof smartphone, but we can’t see any water resistance rating on it. Without the IP rating, it seems unconvincing.

In reality, most users make the choice based on preferences for iOS or Android. If you are a die-hard fan of iOS, you won’t be so easily persuaded to give up Apple products as it will be so inconvenient with a suddenly changed operating system. Many rights you can enjoy on Apple, you are no longer able to use it on Android phones. But if you have no exact iOS or Android preference, then OnePlus 6 may be your good choice as it is the best OnePlus phone ever and amazingly costs less than half an iPhone X!

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