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The magic of 5G network has been hyped for a year, now it finally has come to life. At least to home service in some regions, although it might be less magical than the “real 5G”. The 5G network announced by Verizon in October is actually nonstandard as it is far away from the 5G network we will talk about, except that it offers multi-gigabit wireless speeds.

So What Exactly is 5G Network?

When searching for 5G network online you will see description like “the fifth-generation of network that provides higher speed, lower latency and wider coverage.” Yes, that’s the truth, and exactly says something about the 5G network. But the fifth generation evolution is not the same as the situation when people had 4G network in 2009. Of course, it does everything better of the 4G network can do, but it can do more!

The 5G network is happening at higher frequencies of up to 28GHz and 39GHz which means it is able to create big channels for super high speeds, for instance, you will be able to download a high definition movie in seconds, no latency when gaming and annoying blurry pause when making a video call. However, this next generation wireless tech is not just evolved for a better phone experience, especially when network speed does not bring pain for modern people anymore, but to reach potentials of more things like Internet of Things, Self-driving cars, VR technology and other automated products.

How will the 5G network benefit us?

Despite the fact that the 5G network will boost our phone experience, it can be applied to more devices.

Combined with VR Technology

The VR technology can let you experience a realistic virtual world by mimicking and giving you the sensation that you might have in that world, but a precise feedback and haptic need a no-latency network to support. So that’s why 5G network is important to VR devices. In the age of 5G, doctor might be able to do a remote surgery by using a VR headset, a glove and robot arm, according to a report in CNET. And this is called “the Internet of skills”.

A Big Step for Self-driving Cars

Traffic accident are a primary cause of death each year, so engineers are working at self-driving cars so as to lower the traffic accident rate. Now with 5G network’s support, it will be safer and more reliable. In the future, cars are able to communicate with each other through sensors, which is essential for avoiding car crash, and without 5G network it won’t be possible, because a second latency of information might be end up a serious traffic accident.

Home Broadband and Phones

According to CNET, the traditional home broadband will be the key sector to be replaced by the new coming 5G network. And also it will be applied to our smartphones. It is predicted that the first generation of 5G phones will come in 2019 which will definitely enable you to switch from 4G and 5G freely.

Will you embrace 5G network when it comes?

The coming 5G network has been bragged as the new revolution, but there also means some potential issues. The benefit of the 5G will cost more and brings more optic fabrics outside the roads. Although it may give us an option called real unlimited data on our phone, but it may mean expensive data fees on the other hand.

Besides, as the way of 5G network working is so different from that the 4G network does, so your 4G smartphone will be incompatible with 5G network which means if you want to enjoy the advantages that 5G tech brings, you may need to upgrade your phone.

Facing the potential costs, will you embrace the coming 5G network once it arrives?  I think I will see how powerful it is at first and follow the trend later.

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