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Forbes calls the Web Summit Conference “the best tech conference on the planet.” One conference filled with founders, CEOs and chairmen of the biggest companies in the world. Celebrities, athletes, politicians, and even past presidents will be in attendance. And yes, the founder of Tinder will be there too. This is event you don’t want to miss.

So what do you need to have a great time at this year’s Web Summit?

Have a Plan

When you are attending an event of this scale, you need a plan for your day. With 23 conferences to choose from and over 1,000 speakers, there are endless options for what to do.

You can't do it all, but you can certainly plan to make the most of your time. Make a plan for which conferences you would like to attend, and which speakers you would like to see from each conference. And just in case, make a backup plan too.

You may not hit everything you wanted to do on your list, but with a plan you will likely see much more than without one. Events like this are made to help you. Choose which events you would most like to go to based on your needs and interests.

Don't Skip Portable Chargers

The Web Summit is an all day event with over 60,000 people. Chances are, you will have openings to do some networking, have some photo opportunities and even could meet some keynote speakers and influencers.

You want your smartphone or tablet to be charged for chances like this. Networking connections might need to be added on LinkedIn. Plus, who doesn't want a selfie with their favorite thought leader?

To ensure your device stays charged throughout the long day, bring a portable charger along with you to the Web Summit. Zendure A2 is a great choice if you want to keep the portable charger in your pocket. As small as a deck of cards, this portable charger will keep your smartphone powered all day long.

If you have additional devices to charge, like you tablet or camera, the A8 QC Power Bank is the perfect choice. With 26,800 mAh capacity and quick charging, this power bank beast will last the whole weekend on one charge.

Don't Forget Your Bag

While a bag is always useful when it comes to carrying your technological equipment, at the Web Summit Conference you need a bag for a few different reasons.

Exhibition stands means freebies from companies you admire. You can get a lot of practical items such as USB drives and useful information in leaflets at events like the Web Summit. Bring your bag so you aren’t walking around with an armful full of these items.

Bring the Right Adapter

If you are attending the Web Summit from out of the country, you will need a travel adapter.  Recent Web Summit locations have included Lisbon and Dublin. Zendure Passport has all the plugs that you will ever need inside of one travel adapter body. This includes all European plugs, American plugs, and many more from all over the world.

The Passport travel adapter comes with an auto-resetting fuse to make your life easy. No more hassle of trying to fix a blown fuse on your vacation ever again. And with four USB port, you can charge all your devices at one time.

Network With People

At the end of the day, the Web Summit presents an excellent opportunity to network. It's the connections you make with professionals that shape your future.

So go out and talk to people. Talk to the press if the opportunity arises, and keep an eye out for notable speakers you can start a conversation with.

Attend the Web Summit like a Professional

These five tips will allow you to make the most of your Web Summit trip. People from all over the world come for this event, so enjoy yourself and be part of all the action.

Written by Michael Smolski.

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