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iPad Zendure portable charger acessories

The all-screen iPad Pro 2018 features an edge-to-edge display, powerful A12X Bionic, Face ID and convenient USB-C port. It smaller than a laptop but redefined to be portable and as useful as a laptop. Looking back to the past in 2018, there are many Apple accessories in the market thanks to the popularity of Apple. To make full use of your Apple product including your iPad Pro, it’s essential to pick up some best accessories. Here are top 5 iPad Pro accessories that can help to achieve the best potential of your new iPad Pro.

iPad Zendure portable charger accessories.Smart keyboard folio

Top 1: Smart Keyboard Folio

The new designed Apple Smart Keyboard Folio can be magnetically attached to the back of iPad Pro. With it, you can easily turn it to a laptop. No charging cable needed, the Smart Keyboard Folio can be wirelessly charged through the iPad Pro. Moreover, when you have this keyboard you have a durable cover as well. It can be folded to protect the front and back of your iPad Pro and unfolded to be a responsive tool. The only thing which may make you hesitate to buy is that it has a high price. You need an extra $199 to buy it.

iPad Zendure portable charger accessories. Apple Pencil

Top 2: Apple Pencil

Another essential tool for realizing the full potential of iPad Pro is Apple Pencil. Improved from the old generation, the 2nd generation comes with more acceptable feature when talking about charging. The new Apple pencil can be wirelessly charged by putting it onto the right side of iPad Pro. No doubt, it helps you to taking note, painting and drawing in a more convenient way. It promises you feelings that a real pen can give you---precise, intuitive and magical. There are even more apps in Apple app store you can use with Apple pencil, it makes your idea even more creative. It goes for $129 on Apple’s official website.

iPad Zendure portable charger accessories. X6 portable charger and hub

Top 3: Portable Charger

Since the iPad Pro comes with a USB-C port, a USB-C power bank has is a necessary important backup. Zendure X6 portable power bank is designed with 5 ports---4 standard micro USB and 1 USB-C. It supports 45W USB-C I/O power delivery, powerfully functioning as a power bank and hub. Best of all, Zendure has recently released a limited edition for its 5th anniversary which features a very special design.

Another similar product from Zendure is the A8PD 26800mAh power bank. It also features a USB-C port and 4 Micro USB. This large capacity power bank can support your iPad Pro for about 4 times. It’s really a reliable backup charger.

iPad Zendure portable charger accessories.Supercord

Top 4: Durable Cable

With iPad Pro adding into the USB-C device family, it can be even be used as a charger itself. Using a USB-C to lightning cable, you can charge your iPhone with your iPad Pro; also, you can charge your iPad Pro through your Macbook with a USB-C cable. Therefore, it’s essential to have durable cable to bridge Apple’s product eco-chain.

Zendure SuperCord USB cable is strongly and durably made for all kinds of electronic devices. It is designed with all kinds of type from USB-C to USB-C, USB-C to Lightning and Standard Micro USB type. It proves to withstand 5000 bends test. The superior strain relief solves the general problem of common cable breaking. And the leather strap can organize the whole cable all the time --- no clutter anymore.

iPad Zendure portable charger accessories. Airpods

Top 5: Apple Airpods

With everything going wireless, why not try wireless headphones? The Apple Airpods features high sound quality and beautiful design. It is completely wireless and can match your iPad Pro, iPhone and Macbook seamlessly. The battery can last for about 5 hours and when it is not in use, you can put it into a beautiful case which also functions as a charger.

If you care more about the using experience and less about the money, good accessories can always make it better. Add the above accessories into your cart!



Top 5 iPad Pro Accessories

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