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Most people will easily notice their phone or laptop will charge much slower when it is connected to other phone or laptop’s USB port rather than to its original adapter. That’s the result of differences in chargers. Aside from the charger, there are also other factors that affect the effectiveness of charging. If you want to quick charge your laptop on the go, here are some tips for you.

Tip 1: disable outer connection

Just as enabling a phone’s airplane mode will speed up the charging process, so does a laptop. When you plug your laptop into charge, the flight mode will automatically turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and network connection, avoiding too much battery consuming during the process of charging. If you have never done this before, get the more details about how to put a laptop in Airplane mode.

Tip 2: turn off the laptop entirely

Surely the best way to save battery life is to shut off its work. Turning off the laptop entirely help to effectively charge with the least battery consuming. Yet sometimes you may think it is too troublesome to open it again, for example, you just want to go for a cup of coffee and 10 minutes later you will go back to work. In this case, you can switch off the screen while keeping the laptop running.

Tip 3: use the main power adapter that belongs with your laptop

Due to some difference in design, different adaptors have intricate performance differences in charging. Remember that the original adaptor can always accomplish a faster charge than other compatible chargers while plugging into the same plug outlet.

Tip 4: keep the laptop cool

The battery of a laptop is sensitive to the outer temperature. When it gets hot outside, its effectiveness will slow down, and when you put your lap top in a heated place, it is likely to get damaged. That is why laptops should be kept in cool place. When it is too hot people will plug in a tiny USB fan into the laptop. Still, when charging, make sure your laptop is out of its case.

Tip 5: turn on the battery saving mode.

Battery saving mode not only helps your laptop last longer but also makes your charge quicker. It limits many functions of the laptop automatically such as the screen light, background software operation, the sound volume and so on.

Tip 6: keep your battery in good health.

Only a battery in good condition can ensure effective charging. A few maintenance tips will keep your battery working properly. Experts suggest regularly charging it to about 80%, then about once a month letting the battery run down to zero and recharging it up to 100%. This will keep the electrons in the battery flowing, and keep it in good health for years to come.

Generally speaking, we charge our laptop through the plug in the wall, yet, what if you not near any socket to plug your laptop in? In that case, a portable power bank seems important. Here are some great recommendations.

Zendure A6PD 201000 mAh

With a large capacity at 20100 mAh, Zendure can charge MacBook 1.5 times. There are three kinds of ports in it, USB Type-C Port as input and output, regular 2.4A (Max) Micro-USB input and 2.4A (Max) USB-A output. It is, it is also impressive in its weight, 13.1 oz at the size of 3.1" x 0.9" x 6.4" — A very good choice for traveling.

Zendure A8 QC 26,800 mAh

The A8 QC is one of the fastest charging external batteries on the market for its capacity. Designed with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Technology, it ensures a fast charge. Designed with a huge capacity at 268000mAh, it takes only 10-12 hours to recharge using a QC3.0 charger, pretty impressive effectiveness. There are 3 Zen+ ports and one Quick Charge 3.0 port in it, which allows your other devices to juice up while charging a laptop. Also, an LED digital display shows how much charge the power bank has left.

To sum up, to quick charge your laptop on the go, you have to limit its battery draining as much as possible. And the most effective way is to turn it off entirely.

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