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Indiegogo and Kickstarter, as two of the biggest crowdfunding platforms in the world, have helped hundreds and thousands of people to bring their dreams into life. Although not any idea can be funded, Indiegogo has been trying its best to make every innovative and creative project dream come true. That’s why we can find some most powerful gadgets in this platform.

With so many electric devices equipped today, low-battery issues have become a common and annoying problem for most of us. To solve this battery-consuming issue, portable chargers have been brought into market. However, with the increasing demand for power banks, there are more and more requirements for innovation as well.

So, what should be the newest and powerful power bank like today? It should be as slim and portable as possible to carry; capacity should be as large as possible so that it can juice up your phone, tablet and more; it should support fast charging so you needn’t waste any time in charging…what else? Is that all you want from a power bank? Our guess is no.

Zendure X6, the most powerful power bank on Indiegogo. It gives you a view of what kind of power bank you should equip yourself with in 2018!

Zendure X6 — The Most Versatile USB-C PD Power Bank

Zendure has been committed to provide customers high-quality consumer electronics since 2013. The customer-centered conception makes us focus on users experience with our product and continue to upgrade our product to live up to customers’ requirements. That’s how the idea of X6 was born and has become the “X6” today. Let’s learn more about the new-born X6!

5 Outputs with Input/Output USB-C

When choosing a power bank, the amount of ports can be counted as one the most important factors. You may need more than one port on your power bank to juice up your tablet and smartwatch, and to avoid a dead battery when both you and your friends’ smartphones are power-off. Zendure X6 is built with 5 ports and one USB-C port is included. You can charge 5 devices at one time and free you from any dilemma caused by the shortage of ports.

20000mAh Capacity

Why do we need an external battery? Because we need it to back up when our devices out of power while there is no power source to juice them up. And that’s why we need a power bank with large capacity, enable to charge our devices for several times. Zendure X6 comes with 20000mAh capacity which means it can support for 5.3 numbers of charge of your iPhone X by the USB-C port and 4.3 numbers of charge by USB-A port.  What’s better, it is only takes you 3 hours to full recharge it. It is the perfect companion for any long distance trip.

45W I/O Output with PD Supported

The 45W Type-C output should surprise you if you are a MacBook owner as it means you can charge both your smartphone and laptop with only one Zendure X6. And thanks to PD technology, you can get full-speed charging for your devices such as iPhone X, iPhone 8+, MacBook and Nintendo Switch (only when your devices support fast charging).

Charge Your Low-Power Wearable Devices

Worried about your Apple watch and Airpods running out of power with nowhere to power them up? X6 from Zendure gives you solution for that problem— X Charge— a low-power charging mode, for most smaller devices which draw less current than the minimum output of most power banks supply, usually ranging from 80mAh to 150mAh. It’s a great feature for people who love outdoor activities and have a lot of wearable devices.

More than a Power Bank

You think the X6 can only serves you as a power bank? It definitely more than that! Thanks to the USB-C port and the updating inside, it comes with Hub mode! It’s a gift for your Macbook which only built with one port. When you connect the USB-C hub port to the USB-C port of your device, you can seamlessly charge your device as well as sync and managing your files with 2 USB-A ports between USB-C Hub port.

More impressive features of X6 includes pass-through charging mode, LED display telling you how much power it left, superior hardware and safety protection etc. For details you can jump to Indiegogo support us!

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